Crochet Decrease Stitches Guide

crochet decrease stitches -

Crochet Decrease Stitches Guide

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Welcome to my Crochet Decrease Stitches Guide! I created this Guide to common Decrease stitches to accompany my Cookies and Milk Crochet Pattern. More details about this pattern are below, or you can read all about it in the Blog Article HERE.

crochet decrease stitches guide -

You will find some of these crochet decrease stitches more often than others. Sc2tog is most common, and you will find it frequently used in making amigurumi and other toys. The Hdc and Dc Crochet Decrease Stitches may be found in patterns such as Ripple or Chevon Blankets, and in hats worked from the bottom up, just to name a few. Read on below for the tutorials!



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