Hello! I am Lisa Fox, the owner and designer behind Green Fox Farms Designs. This is the place where I share my love of color and design through my original Crochet Pattern Designs.

I live in the beautiful but cold state of Minnesota. Yes, I hate the cold but I’m here to stay. I am lucky to share my life with some pretty wonderful people! My husband Matt, who puts up with yarn overtaking our home, and my 4 sweet kids who get to try all of my designs first, lucky them! We spend lots of time together, because we love to of course, and also because we homeschool. Yes, some days it drives me a little crazy, though some might say that’s just me. Whatever the case I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I studied painting and drawing at LSU and earned my BFA in studio art. I taught myself to crochet when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter (the one on the left!) and have been going strong ever since! 6 years and counting to date. I have been designing patterns almost as long as I have been crocheting. I don’t always like to follow the rules, and often think I know better than others, so finding my own way to make things with crochet came rather naturally! It has definitely helped me to improve my understanding of crochet, and deepened my appreciation for this art. I hope I can help you curate your love of crochet as well!

Family photo credits to the talented Amber of Lemon Peel Photography