Half Double Crochet – Learn to Crochet Series

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Half Double Crochet – Learn to Crochet Series

Welcome back to the next step in your Learn to Crochet Journey – the Half Double Crochet Stitch! Just one additional step takes you from a single crochet to a half double crochet stitch! What’s more, with a half double crochet stitch you can crochet bigger, faster and create so many things from garments, to hats to blankets!

Learn to Half Double Crochet | Photo and Video Tutorial | www.GreenFoxFarmsDesigns.com

This Learn to Crochet Series was designed to help you learn to crochet in the same manner I learned! For me, the most accessible method to learn crochet was through the help of books, YouTube videos (like those you will find below!), and beginner patterns. While there are some fantastic programs out there, as a busy mom I preferred this method of learning rather than having a formal “teacher” and classes.

The other aspect that of self paced teaching that I like is that you can learn without pressure, at your own pace, and in your own time. Like I stated above, this makes it perfect for busy moms (like me!) or students who need to work at their own pace! Or those who don’t have a lot of free time to take a class or seminar, but are eager to learn! Crochet is a wonderful creative outlet! When I found crochet, I knew that I was HOME! 🙂 I hope it feels the same for your too, but if it doesn’t, learning this way won’t cost you much time or money – Hooray! So, let’s get started!


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