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10 Essential Crochet Tools

Hello Friends! I am excited to share with you my top 10 Essential Crochet Tools that I think every Crochet Artist needs in their life! I have been crocheting for about 7 years at the time of this post. I certainly started off with a very different set of tools than I use today! I’ll bet you can say the same as well!

For me, lots of trial and error went into the decision to try new tools. I can be very frugal at times, so it was sometime difficult to decide to try more expensive items, but sometimes it truly is worth the investment! Value of course is in the eye of the beholder, with both form and function playing a role. The exciting thing is there are so many awesome handmade options now! 

You could spend hours browsing through all the beautiful, creative, handmade crochet tools on Etsy. I’m not speaking from personal experience of course. That was certainly not my favorite part about writing this article. Well, actually getting to meet all of the wonderful sellers on Etsy was truly the best part, but the looking was a very close second!

coffee mug crochet hooks bag with yarn and scissors

These are a few of my favorite things…

My List of 10 Essential Crochet Tools are all tools that I use every day. I have tried to compile a list of a variety of options, but of course only touch the tip of the iceberg of the amazing options out there! How much time do you spend crocheting each week? For me that answer varies from week to week, but is usually upwards of 20 hours. That’s a significant amount of time, wouldn’t you say? A very happy investment of time in fact! 

10 essential crochet tools text

number 10



Number 10: PROJECT BAG: A Project Bag is definitely an essential item. You need a place of some sort to store your work, unless you are lucky enough to sit down and create each crochet project from start to finish in one sitting. For most of us, our crochet time is often interrupted by our lives, and for those of us (like myself!) who are moms this time is very frequently interrupted! So we need our place to store the infamous #wip or work in progress, as well as our tools. This is where a fabulous Project Bag comes into play! Here are a couple of my favorites that I found browsing on Etsy! Just click on the photo for more information about each item or to purchase directly from the seller! 🙂

blue batik handsewn project bag with needles and yarn saxi bags

Gorgeous Batik Project Bag with unique Grommet design from Saxi Bags on Etsy

handsewn bag with yarn and needles green and pink floral fabric with blue floral fabric

Check out this Beautiful Floral Project Bag from Lavender Hill Knits on Etsy










handsewn bag brown fabric with colorful owls

Whoooo wouldn’t love this Adorable Owl Project Bag from Grannie’s Raggedy Bags on Etsy

handsewn gray patterned fabric with blue yarn, blue scissors and text

Love to sew? Make your own Project Bag with this DIY Project Bag Sewing Pattern by Wendy Say Sew on Etsy or have one made at:



number 9








Number 9: TAPE MEASURE: A way to measure our work is definitely very important. Do you make a gauge swatch for your projects? I admit I don’t always make one, but I do make sure to do so when making garments and other items that need just the right fit! I do have a proper metal gauge measure that I bought when I first learned to crochet. For small projects it is still my go-to. These days however, I do most of my measuring with a Flexible Tape Measure. For the projects I make, this tool is the best fit. Which type of stitch or gauge measuring device do you prefer? Here are some really nice options I would highly recommend! Just click on the photo for more information about each item or to purchase directly from the seller! 🙂

crochet pink and turquoise turtle tape measure

How adorable is this Little Turtle Measuring Tape from Hippy Dashery on Etsy

4 floral tape measures

How cute are these Floral Measuring Tapes from Bias Bespoke on Etsy








tape measure with tassel and colorful crochet cover

Crochet your own Beautiful and Colorful Tape Measure with this Crochet Pattern From ATERGCrochet on Etsy








number 8


Number 8: STITCH COUNTER: I have personally tried a couple of iPhone apps that worked nicely, none that really stood out to recommend, nor that I still use. Stitch counting is a pretty basic task, I honestly do some counting in my head. But I recently discovered there are some pretty nice stitch counters out there, much lovelier than any app and much easier to use than counting in my head! (Anyone with a toddler knows that interruptions can lead to disaster!!) What method do you use? Do you tempt fate, or play it safe? So, with that in mind here a just a few of my favorite cute and fun stitch counters! Just click on the photo for more information about each item or to purchase directly from the seller! 🙂

blue and purple beaded abacus bracelet

Counting in style with this Gorgeous Abacus Bracelet from Jills Handmade Stuff on Etsy

multicolored beaded abacus for stitch counting

Awesome Beaded Abacus that easily attaches to your Project Bag from The Lazy Spinster on Etsy







little blue stitch counter with beads and clasp

Perfectly portable Cute Beaded Stitch Counter from Yarn Candy Studio on Etsy

blue and black beaded abacus bracelet

Beautiful, Functional Simplicity is this Beaded Abacus Bracelet from The Crooked Elm on Etsy









number 7


Number 7: PINS: An absolute must for any project that requires seaming or stitching together. Get that perfect fit or positioning right the first time! Making a sweater or side construction hat – the seams must match up! I confess I didn’t always use pins to hold my amigurumi pieces together, and found that I would sometimes have to restitch them again and again to get them just right. Not anymore! Safety pins, straight pins, diaper pins, clothes pins, or any kind of pin you like – they will do the trick! Here are some absolutely adorable options I found for you on Etsy. Try and resist them. I can’t! 😉 Just click on the photo for more information about each item or to purchase directly from the seller! 🙂 

5 decorative straight pins with flower and insect toppers

What a lovely way to hold your pieces together with these Garden Pins from Pincushion Crazy on Etsy

bronze teddy bear safety pins

How adorable will your WIP look pinned together with these Teddy Bear Safety Pins from Bead Sources on Etsy

floral topped small clothes pins wooden pegs

Hold those seams together in style with these Super Cute Bohemian Clothes Pins from Mmim on Etsy

colorful diaper pins

Cute, sturdy, and up to the challenge are these Cloth Diaper Pins from Green Child Creations on Etsy
















number 6


Number 6: YARN NEEDLE: No crochet project would be complete without the dreaded weaving in the ends! This is one task I wish was not relegated to the end of the project. Just when you are so excited about being “almost” finished with your project, you have the tedious weaving in the ends task yet to do! Who’s with me on this one? My absolute favorite need to use for this task is a blunt end yarn needle! Curved or straight, the blunt end does make this task a breeze. 🙂 A quick end to a least favorite task, that’s what I’m talking about! So if you are still searching for the perfect yarn or tapestry needle, I suggest you give one of these beauties a try – I don’t think you will regret it! Just click on the photo for more information about each item or to purchase directly from the seller! 🙂 

pink gold blue curved tapestry needles

Make the dreaded task of weaving in ends a bit more fun with these Colorful Yarn Needles from Fly Yarns on Etsy

tapestry needle set with case

Keep those ever important needles secure with this Needle and Case set from Caravan Fiber on Etsy








number 5


Number 5: STITCH MARKERS: How many different ways can I say invaluable tool? Well, as we all know, stitch markers are nothing if not invaluable! How else would we keep track of right vs. wrong side, row counts, stitch counts, and other special stitches or marked stitches. I have tried the scrap of yarn method. I would take a stitch marker ANY day over that one! Plus, there are so many adorable, easy to use, colorful stitch markers out there to use instead! Stitch markers are like jewelry for your project. You work hard on your projects, and they deserve a little love, don’t you agree? I was honestly blown away by the number of amazing stitch markers on Etsy. Here are just a few of my favorites – all beautiful and snag-free options! Enjoy! Just click on the photo for more information about each item or to purchase directly from the seller! 🙂 

round yellow stitch markers with blue polka dots

You will be over the moon for these Polka Dot Sky Stitch Markers from Fiber Fetish Designs on Etsy

copper wire flower stitch markers

The perfect functional jewelry to adorn your next project! Copper Wire Flower Stitch Markers from Sabine Michael Jewelry on Etsy

silver colorful beaded stitch markers with lobster claw clasps

Don’t you just Love these beautiful and colorful Stitch Markers from Sweet Pyro Angel on Etsy

silver lotus flower stitch marker on crochet granny square

Simply elegant can only describe this beautiful Silver Lotus Flower Stitch Marker from Granary Knits on Etsy
















number 4


Number 4: SHARP SCISSORS: I am surely not the only one to have noticed a rash of adorable scissors blowing up my social media feeds! What’s a girl to do? Scissors envy is a serious problem the crafting world over, and there is only one cure! You’ve got to get you some! 🙂 Let’s face it. Scissors are vital. If you were desperate, you could probably find an alternative method to sever the ends of your yarn…. buy why when there are so many amazing, cute, and sharp scissors out there to choose from?

Scissors clip art  I own an almost embarrassing number of scissors. I sew in addition to crocheting, so there are maybe 8 pair of scissors devoted to various sewing related tasks, plus 2 rotary cutters with multiple blades… You guys – you CANNOT cut your paper pattern with the same scissors as your fabric, and fleece needs its own pair, plus thread cutting, and well you get the idea. I have a few less crochet scissors, but not by much! 😉 Some are pretty, all are functional and sharp or they’ve got to go! Lucky for you, I took the fun  *ahem* work out of it and did some shopping on Etsy for you. Check out these beauties I found – you will love them! Just click on the photo for more information about each item or to purchase directly from the seller! 🙂 

purple and red small metal scissors

Make snipping your ends more fun with these colorful Putford Scissors from Yarn Over Purls Shop on Etsy

copper and silver decorative scissors leaning against book

Snip your yarn in Style with these elegant Embroidery Scissors from Natural Fibre Arts on Etsy SAVE 10% storewide through 9/30 with code: GreenFoxFarms10

small metal filigree floral scissor with pink flower

How Beautiful is the Floral Filigree on these WarmCrochet™ Scissors in 4 colors from Classic Craft Tools and WarmCrochet™ Company

small gold metal scissors in stork shape

I absolutely love these clever and fun Gold Stork Scissors from The Archive Stationary on Etsy

















number 3


Number 3: CROCHET PATTERN: Ok, so there are many methods we can use to create something from crochet and convey ideas. Many people create items from YouTube videos. Others just work from what is in their heads. But for my article, this is where I get to share some amazing Crochet Designers and their work with you! There are so many incredibly talented designers and phenomenal patterns out there! It was really difficult to decide what and whom to share. So, I opted to share some designers with you that I have personally made and love their patterns. I will also share my own favorite pattern of mine. Because who else designs awesome crochet patterns? I do! 🙂 Kisses! Just click on the photo for more information about each item or to purchase directly from the seller! 🙂 

beige and black geometric wall hanging on organic branch

You absolutely need this awesome Geometric Wall Hanging in your house Pattern by Meg Made on Etsy

woman sitting at table wearing crochet sweater with open shoulder design

Can’t you just imagine yourself on Date Night wearing a gorgeous made-by-you Sabrina Summer Sweater Pattern by Skeins N Sticks Designs on Etsy

light blue instagram style camera purse and mini purse

I am so in love with this creative and adorable Camera Purse and Mini Purse Crochet Pattern from Creative Art Expressions

woman wearing crochet maker beanie with fur pom pom

All Makers truly need to make themselves this Awesome Maker Beanie Pattern by Lady Jay Crochet on Etsy modeled photo and hat by Kelly Greely of Rainbow Designs

two girls wearing crochet unicorn hats

Shamelessly self promoting my new Crochet Unicorn Hat Pattern! 🙂 I just love this one guys by your truly! Green Fox Farms Designs

























number 2


Number 2: CROCHET HOOKS: We talked about the scissors phenomenon, but let us not sidestep the gorgeous crochet hooks out there too! I get hook envy All.The.Time! That being said I love looking at other people’s cool handmade and machine made hooks! It’s fun, just like sharing your yarn stash! (That’s coming soon!!!) So many varieties to choose from. I personally love the ergonomic handled crochet hooks because they just make the task more comfortable and fun! I love anything that allows me to crochet longer and more often – how about you? Here are a few beautiful handmade hooks that I have fallen in love with – Enjoy! Just click on the photo for more information about each item or to purchase directly from the seller! 🙂 

5 mermaid tail shaped crochet hooks in pinks and purples

Such beautiful and creative shimmering tails! Gorgeous Mermaid Tail Crochet Hooks from Harper Baby Shop on Etsy

black and purple octopus crochet hook

I absolutely fell in love with this Ursula the Sea Witch inspired Crochet Hook from Charmed Hooks and Crafts SAVE 10% on any order with code GreenFoxFarms10 from 9/3 – 9/10 place orders through DM on instagram

unicorn crochet hook with rainbow hari

You guys know how much I love rainbows and unicorns. So I adore this Unicorn Crochet Hook from The Speckled Clay Boutique on Etsy

pusheen cat as harry potter crochet hook in front of harry potter book

Quirky, cute, creative, and perfect! Adorable Pusheen Cat Harry Potter Crochet Hook by Manda’s Knotty Crochet on Etsy


green painted handmade wooden crochet hook in hand

Such beautiful work and each hook is unique! Beautiful Milk Painted Cherry Wook Crochet Hook by Adze Woodcraft on Etsy

dark and light handmade wood crochet hook in hand

Beautifully craftsmanship and lovely hardwoods combined in this Hand Turned Silverberry and Robinia Ergonomic Crochet Hook by LETTO Workshop on Etsy


number 1


Number 1: YARN!!: I am feeling pretty confidant that this would be the number one essential crochet tool on every crochet artist’s list. Do you agree? Yarn is the thing we (I) obsess over, drool over, over buy, and just think about the most! Yarn. Yarn. Yarn. Yarn. Just reading that word made you smile, didn’t it? 🙂 We all have our favorite brand, fiber, weight, colors, format, etc. The options are literally endless. Lucky us! 🙂 Then there’s the eternal hank vs. skein vs. ball debate! Do you have a preference? I could talk about yarn all day, but I’d rather look at it, or show you, buy some more or even better – crochet with it! So without further ado, here is your yarn porn! Just click on the photo for more information about each item or to purchase directly from the seller! 🙂

4 hanks of beautifully hand dyed

Absolutely dreamy in its shades of indigo, teal, emerald, gold and chocolate. Bright Copper Kettles DK Yarn from Haute Knit Yarn on Etsy

beautiful hand dyed sock yarn in a rainbow of colors

So aptly named is this amazing hand dyed in a rainbow of colors! Daincing Bears Sock Yarn from Hampton Artistic Yarns on Etsy

beautiful hand dyed hanks of sock yarn in purples pinks and reds

This beautiful hand dyed yarn in my favorite shades of purple, pink and reds immediately caught my eye! Mixed Berries Sock Yarn by Amethyst Yarn on Etsy

2 hanks of beautifully hand dyed worsted yarn in red, orange and yellows

This gorgeous yarn in hues of reds, oranges, and yellows is flaming my heart. Catching Fire Worsted Yarn by Crystal Skyes Hand Dyed on Etsy


















yarn crochet hooks stitch markers scissors essential crochet toolsThat’s it! Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed reading my list and discovered some awesome essential Crochet Tools in the process! Please consider purchasing from and supporting some of these amazing makers if you are in the market! We can create a stronger community of handmade together!

Did you like this list of 10 Essential Crochet Tools? Do you agree? What essential Crochet tools do you swear by? Do you already have any of these? Which are your favorites? Please share in comments! 

thank you and smiley face text


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