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Designer Monday with Rebeka Harakal

Hello Friends! Thanks for joining me again today for Designer Monday with my friend Jessica Hough from Time 2 Enjoy Crochet! If you haven’t checked out one of our posts yet, here are the details about Designer Monday!

I am an admin for Jessica’s facebook group called Time 2 Enjoy Crochet and CAL group! Each week on, you guessed it – Monday, Jessica and I take turns featuring a new designer on our blogs! You can read Jessica’s most recent interview on her blog right here. This week I got to interview Rebeka Harakal! Read on to learn more about Rebeka!

crochet alien rag dolls by rebeka harakalRebeka is an amazing designer with some really cute patterns! She has shared some great photos of her work, and I know you will all love them as much as I do! This is my favorite quote from my interview with Rebeka, because I couldn’t agree more! 

“… When the mood strikes, you just have to crochet.”  — Rebeka Harakal

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Interview with Rebeka Harakal

Q: What is your name?

A: First off I would like to introduce myself I’m Rebeka Harakal

Q: How long have you been crocheting?

A: I have been crocheting off and on for 12 years now, but have stuck with it seriously for the past year now.  

Q: How did you learn to crochet?

A: I was actually taught to knit and crochet by my Great Aunt at the age of 8. 

Q: What are your favorite things to crochet?

A: The list of things I love to make could go on forever, but to name a few I would say amigurumi in general, hats, and baby items. 

Q: How much time do you spend crocheting in an average week?

A: I hate to admit this but probably in between 5 -10 hours a day, depending on the day, so… roughly between 35 and 70 hours a week. 

Q: What was the most challenging crochet technique to learn?

A: I haven’t really found a stitch that has truly wanted to make me pull my hair out like some, but I would say the reverse single crochet or crab stitch took me the longest to master. 

Q: What do you find most rewarding about crocheting?

A: The most rewarding part of crocheting is seeing the finished product truly be appreciated by the recipient.  

Q: What would you really like to crochet that you have not yet made?

A: I haven’t tried the ever popular virus stitch blanket yet, just haven’t had time to make something for myself in a long time. 

Q: Do you crochet for Family, Friends, Business, a combination, or other?

A: I crochet as a business mainly but I also like to spoil my friends and family with it as well. 

Q: If you have a business what is the name of your Crochet Business?

A: I called my business B Stitches Gallery, the B was originally short for Beautiful, but after thinking about it it could be for my nickname Beck, if people want to think of it that way. 

Q: Do you sell finished work, patterns or both?

A: I sell both finished works and patterns. 

Q: What type of items do you sell in your shop?

A: I try to stick with smaller items and leave larger items up for custom orders but that doesn’t always work out when the mood strikes, you just have to crochet.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: I started on Etsy last October but have since closed my Etsy shop down to focus on my own online shop, and that is working much better for me. 

Q: Do you have a website to share so we can check out your work?

A: Of course the link to my web store is

Q: Do you have social media sites for your crochet?

A: I do I have a Facebook page: and an Instagram account: so I can share my creations with everyone. 

Q: Who is your favorite Crochet Designer?

A: My favorite designer is Jillian Hewitt from Spin A Yarn Crochet, based here in Canada with me. 

Q: Do you do any other type of crafts like knitting, sewing, etc.?

A: I actually went to school to be a baker, but gave that dream up when I was pregnant as I couldn’t handle the smell of the baking, ironically. I also knit, and when I was younger I was taught to sew, latch hook, needle point, and felt, but I haven’t done any of that in years.  

gray crochet hat with red stripe by rebeka harakalQ: What other activities do you enjoy?

A: I love spending quality time with my family whether it be fishing with my hubby-to-be or playing with my daughter or helping my parents and siblings out around the farm. 

Q: What are your current WIPs (works in progress) or how many do you have?

A: Wrong question to ask this person, I currently have 2 blankets, 2 hats, a pillow and another amigurmi owl, from my current pattern being tested this week. 

Q: Anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your business?

A: I’m a simple small town farm girl, who met the love of her life in 4-H at the age of 11 (started dating 2 years later), we are now happily engaged with one beautiful daughter. I created B Stitches Gallery as my way to help support my family well being a stay at home mom, whom also runs a private day care (No I am not crazy…yes I am sure…my mother had me tested….) okay all joking aside my life is crazy but I love it that way. 

That’s all we have for today. I want to thank Rebeka for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk with us and share a bit more about herself and her work! It was a pleasure to interview Rebeka, and hope you all enjoyed reading about her as much as I did! Please feel free to post any questions or comments below!

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sketch book crochet unicorn coffee cup cozy planning text scriptP. S. Don’t forget to check back on Friday, August 25th here on the blog for another awesome Free Crochet Pattern here on the blog! Unicorn Coffee Cozy for standard sized travel and to-go Coffee Cups! Keep on crocheting and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or feedback. I would love to hear from you!


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