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Funny Crochet Stickers and Car Decals for Crafters

Great Gift Idea!

These funny crochet stickers and crafty car decals are exactly what you need to add a personal touch to your belongings. Keep reading, because in this blog post, I’ll discuss the benefits of these stickers, how they make perfect gifts for crafters, and explore their durability too. Plus, I’ll share creative ways to use the stickers and decals to bring joy to your everyday life. Marie Kondo style!

From wall art and laptop cases to mugs and notebooks, our funny craft stickers and crafty decals are perfect for improving just about any item in your home. Made with high-quality materials, these stickers and decals are designed to last. Plus, they make great gifts for the crochet enthusiast in your life.

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Why Do You Need Funny Crochet Stickers?

Funny crochet stickers aren’t just for giggles; they’re a fantastic way to showcase your personality and love for crochet. No matter if you’re a seasoned pro or just starting on your crochet journey, these stickers have a unique ability to brighten your day and spark conversations with fellow crafters.

With witty phrases like “yarn magic,” “hooker,” “crochet queen,” and “the yarn is calling,” there’s a sticker for every crochet lover out there. These cheeky designs will definitely resonate with your crafty spirit and bring some extra fun to your everyday.

Crochet Foundry Magazine April 2023
yarn magic hands crafting sticker

Craft Stickers Make the Best Gifts for Crafters!

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for a fellow crafter, look no further than these high-quality, die-cut stickers and decals. They’re ideal for personalizing a whole variety of items and can bring a touch of whimsy to any crafter’s bits and bobs! With an array of designs featuring cheeky sayings, yarn balls, crochet hooks, and knitting needles, you’re sure to find the perfect sticker or decal for your yarn-loving friends and family members.

Not only do these stickers cater to crochet lovers, but there’s also a fabulous range of yarn stickers and knitting stickers for those who enjoy other types of fiber arts. You’ll find that these stickers are equally charming and allow you to express your love for all things yarn-related. Plus, they make fantastic gifts for friends and family members who share your passion for knitting and crochet!

The collection goes beyond just stickers and holographic stickers, for your personal items – there’s also car window decals, perfect for adorning your vehicle with a touch of your crafty personality. Made from high-quality vinyl, these car stickers are designed to withstand the elements and maintain their vibrant colors for a long time. Whether you want to show off your love for crochet or yarn on your car window or bumper, there’s a perfect craft decal to suit your style.

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Durable and Attractive: The Perfect Combination

i. Can I put my sticker in the microwave?

Your new stickers are made from durable, waterproof vinyl that is resistant to fading in the sun. However, they are not heat-resistant, so avoid placing them on items that will be used in the microwave or dishwasher. Instead, use them on items such as water bottles, laptops, or storage boxes that won’t be exposed to high heat.



ii. Will the car decal last out in the sun?

Your new car decals are made from permanent outdoor vinyl, which is designed to withstand exposure to the elements, including sunlight. Choose from a variety of colors, including white, pink, purple, yellow, teal, and blue. These decals are perfect for personalizing your vehicle’s back or side window, bumper, or even your craft room wall!



iii. What size sticker is best for my laptop?

The size of the sticker you choose for your laptop depends on your personal preference and the available space on your device. This range of stickers come in various sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your phone, laptop, notebook, or tablet.

My suggestion? Just cut out a piece of scrap paper, using the dimensions from the sticker’s description and place it on your computer or other device. Is it what you’re looking for? Then place an order!



yarn lover sticker review

iv. What are stickers made from?

Our stickers are made from either waterproof vinyl or holographic material, ensuring they are durable, waterproof, and resistant to fading in the sun. These high-quality stickers are perfect for personalizing a range of items without the worry of damage or wear.

These stickers are available in a variety of designs, including yarn, hands, magic, craft tools and funny quotes. You can also personalize your own sticker with a custom design or text. Just contact me!

No matter what your preference, all of Green Fox Farms Designs’ stickers are sure to impress. With the right care and attention, these stickers can last for years, so you can enjoy them for a long time.



v. Why do Holographic stickers look like that?

Holographic stickers have a unique, eye-catching appearance due to the way they are made. Holo stickers are crafted from a special type of vinyl that contains a layer of holographic material, which gives them their distinctive shimmering effect. When light reflects off the surface of the sticker, it creates a captivating, rainbow-like display of colors that makes the sticker stand out.

The Holographic sticker range is the most popular range I sell in my etsy shop! There are bundles of stickers available for a great price too, for when you’re on a budget!



magic hands crafting sticker

vi. How do I ensure that my sticker has a long life?

To ensure your sticker or decal has a long life, follow these simple steps:

  • Clean the surface where you plan to apply the sticker, ensuring it is free of dust, dirt, or grease.
  • Peel the backing off the sticker or decal, taking care not to touch the adhesive side.
  • Carefully position the sticker or decal on the surface, smoothing it out to eliminate any air bubbles or creases.
  • Avoid exposing the sticker to extreme heat, such as microwaves or dishwashers, as this can cause damage.
  • For car decals, avoid placing on the outside of the car or car window, as using high-pressure car washes or abrasive cleaning tools, will damage the sticker.


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Purpleheart Streamline Wood

Creative Ways to Use Your Crochet Stickers and Car Decals

There are endless possibilities for using your funny crochet stickers and crafty decals! Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Personalize your crafting tools, such as storage bins, yarn bags, or even your crochet
  • Pretty up your hook handles, by adding your favorite stickers!
  • Customize your laptop, tablet, or smartphone with crochet-themed stickers to showcase your passion for knitting or crochet.
  • Decorate your water bottles, travel mugs, or coffee cups with funny stickers to bring a smile to your face during your daily routine.
  • Adorn your car windows with decals that express your love for crochet, adding a personal touch to your vehicle.
  • Enhance your craft room or workspace with stickers and decals on the walls, shelves, or organizers, creating an inspiring environment for your creative projects.
  • Use stickers to personalize your journals, notebooks, or planners, making them more enjoyable to use and easier to identify.
  • Attach stickers to your gift-wrapped presents, handmade cards, or gift tags for a unique and memorable touch.
yarn crafter sticker


In conclusion, funny crochet stickers and crafty car decals are a fun and versatile way to express your love for crochet and add a touch of humor to your life. With their durable and attractive design, they make excellent gifts for fellow crafters and can be used to personalize a wide range of items. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to brighten your day with these charming stickers and decals – explore the collection and find the perfect design to express yourself!

So why not try take a look at a funny crochet sticker or crafty car decal today? With such a wide variety of designs to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

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