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Crocheters, Knitters, Sewers and Crafters… Listen Up!!

Have you ever squinted your way through a row of black stitches under dim lighting, wondering if you’re about to make a costly mistake? As a crocheter, I know the struggle! That’s why I was ecstatic to get my hands on the Lumos Lumos Knitting Light. If you value clear vision and less frustration, let’s discover why this little gadget might be your new favorite crafting companion.

Full disclosure: The Lumos Lumos Knitting Light was kindly gifted to me, so that I could share my honest review. All opinions included in this article are my own.

Happy Hooking! 💜

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PPS: Lumos World was also kind enough to share a discount so you can get your own, just for my readers! Keep reading 😜

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What is the Lumos Lumos Knitting Light?

Essentially, the Lumos Lumos Knitting Light, is a wearable, rechargeable LED lamp designed specifically for knitters and crocheters. The flexible arms wrap around your neck and allow you to focus two beams of light directly onto your project. Imagine a personal spotlight for your stitches!

Imagine it’s 3 in the morning, you can’t sleep… anyone else? I know you understand.
“I know!”, you think to yourself, I’ll work on my crochet project (or insert craft). You don’t need to turn on any lights around the house. No waking anyone up with clunks, noise, light. And you’re working with fluffy black yarn? No problem! With the Lumos Lumos Knitting Light, you’re totally sorted – even at ungodly hours. There are 3 types of light temperature, plus the craft lamps are dimmable!

Brightness, Color Settings, and Comfort

How it Works 🎁

The Lumos Lamp has three color temperature settings (warm, cool, and neutral) to suit your preferences. I found this feature helpful when working on both light and dark colored projects, and at various times of the day and night. Think overcast, rainy, winter days! The Lumos Knitting Light also has adjustable brightness levels and the flexible arms hold their position perfectly, keeping the light right where you need it.

Forget Neck Pain! Comfort is key. Surprisingly, it’s incredibly lightweight – you barely notice it’s there! Waaaayyyy better than a restrictive headlamp.

And there’s no pesky cords getting in your way, like there are with regular craft lamps! It’s 100% hands-free, cordless and rechargeable (eco tick ✅ from me!)

How Has the Lumos Light Lamp Changed My Crafting?

The Lumos Knitting Light is a real game changer! No more squinting, no more hunching over my work in a desperate attempt to see! A Lot Less Frogging! Plus, those aches and eye strain that plagued me during evening crochet sessions are gone. My stitches are neater and I make fewer mistakes. Plus, I’ve seen a huge boost in my productivity with dark yarns.


Useful Features:

  • Adjustable Color Temperature – quickly switch between warm light, cool light, or a neutral blend with the click of a button.
  • Adjustable Brightness – each color temperature can be made brighter or dimmer. Just hold down the buttons until you’ve reached the level you need. This is one of my FAVORITE features!
  • Rechargable Battery – just plug it in when the light is getting dimmer. In my experience one charge lasts for several sessions of use!
  • Ease of Use – easy to use, lightweight and comfortable to wear, and portable to take on the go!




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Basic Stitch

Who Is This Craft Light Best Suited For?

Designed by Crafters for Crafters!

  • Dark yarn projects: If you find yourself avoiding projects with black or deep colors, this light is a must-have.
  • Anyone who experiences crafting-related pain: The improved posture encouraged by this light can work wonders for neck and back strain.
  • Crafters with a family: You can craft during the hours that others are sleeping, without disturbing anyone!
  • Anyone who wants customized, precision lighting: With adjustable brightness and color temperature, you get the perfect light for your project.
  • Crafters seeking a hands-free solution: Ditch the balancing act with lamps and craft comfortably with both hands free.

Ophthalmologist tested!

  • Crafters with poor eyesight: The Lumos Lamp truly up levels your visibility, day or night.
  • Crafters who struggle with dim lighting: If you find yourself squinting or using a flashlight to see your stitches, this light is a game-changer.
  • Those frustrated by eyestrain and headaches: The Lumos Light is said to significantly reduce strain and discomfort associated with crafting in poor light.

NOT Just for Crafting!

My husband is a huge fan of this light – for me! It makes it easy to compromise on how much lighting we have in the room. I LOVE to use the light for more than just crafting. What else do I use my Lumos Lumos Knitting Light for?

  • Bedtime – I use it on a low setting to read my kids bedtime stories and help them go to sleep.
  • Reading – I use it for reading at night or on overcast days when I would rather have a small light. It’s such a cozy ambience!
  • Board Gaming – My husband and I love to play games at night, and with the Lumos light we can skip the overhead lamps, and use this handy necklight for any extra illumination needed.
  • In the Car – Crocheting, reading, or anything else I might light to do on the road, in dim or night time conditions. It’s so handy!


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Is the Lumos Crafting Lamp Worth the Cost?

The Lumos Lumos Knitting Light isn’t the cheapest gadget out there, but consider this: How much do you value your crafting time? If better lighting means increased enjoyment, healthier habits, and better projects, I’d say this is an investment in your well-being. Plus, Lumos offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Although, I don’t know a single crocheter who returned theirs! I can’t imagine anyone, crafter or other, not finding several uses for this handy lamp!

Right NOW!

If I didn’t already own one, a Lumos Knittig Light is exactly what I would want for Mother’s Day!!

Do you know, or are YOU an amazing Mom that deserves a better crafting experience?

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Plus! There’s more!

If you want anything else from the Lumos site, you can make use of this code too!


Your Lumos Lumos Knitting Light can be returned within 90 days of purchase, if it doesn’t do all the things they promise! & they’ll give you DOUBLE the purchase price as a refund. That’s an incredible Satisfaction Guarantee right there, don’t you think?!

Be Quick!!

This offer is just for you, my amazing hookers! The offer is good for one week, through Friday 5/3/24. 🎁💜







Craft Anytime, Anywhere

The Lumos Knitting Light isn’t just about better lighting – it’s about a whole lot of crafting freedom! If you’re a seasoned traveler, a night owl, or simply a crafter who suffers frequent power outages, this light allows y’all to craft, almost whenever you want to!

  • Travel: Planes, trains, or automobiles – no dimly lit space will stop you from crafting. The Lumos is compact, portable, and lets you stitch on the go.
  • Bedtime: Enjoy your hobby without disturbing your partner’s sleep. The targeted light keeps your crafting space illuminated while leaving the rest of the room in darkness.
  • Multitasking: Knit or crochet during family movie nights without missing a scene. The Lumos lets you keep your hands busy while your eyes stay glued to the screen, without disturbing others.
  • Blackouts: Power outage? No problem! With its long-lasting battery, the Lumos ensures your projects don’t get put on hold.



Final Thoughts

The Lumos Lumos Knitting Light has fundamentally changed my crafting experience, especially for projects that used to send me scrambling for a flashlight – or trying to find time in the middle of the day! If y’all have been searching for a way to enjoy your hobby with greater ease and accuracy, this might be the solution you’ve been wishing for.

Let me know how you find your Lumos light – I’m so curious to hear your experiences!

So, is the Lumos Lumos Knitting Light worth trying?

If you’ve ever wished for a little “magic” to make your crochet sessions easier and more enjoyable, the Lumos Light might just be it. From its targeted LED beams to the relief it can bring your eyes and posture, this little wearable crafting light is surprisingly powerful. While it might seem like an unusual crochet accessory at first, I bet it won’t take long for it to become an indispensable part of your toolkit.

I understand it’s an investment, but remember – this isn’t just about a knitting gadget. It’s about investing in the hobby that makes you happy! And that’s A Lot in my opinion! So, why not treat yo’self, and give it a go? The risk-free trial period makes trying it even easier!

Remember, when you click over to the Lumos site, use the code  CROCHETMOM30  at checkout, to receive your 30% discount!

This offer is good for 1 week only! Through Friday, May 3, 2024. 🎁💜

Basic Stitch
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