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Eco-Friendly Crochet Projects for Earth Day!

GREEN Fox Farms Designs. Did you ever wonder about the ‘Green‘? It’s because I’m a sucker for all things environmental – and that is part of my inspiration for crochet! We can crochet just about anything! Designers are coming up with surprising ideas all the time! And to celebrate Earth Day April 22nd 2024 – my designer friends and I have gathered a collection of Eco-Friendly Crochet Patterns to replace Single Use Items for you, right here!

I’ve divided the mostly FREE Crochet Patterns into the following categories for you: Spa Day crochet patterns, eco-friendly crochet patterns for Decorating, Cleaning Cloth patterns, and Gifts and Wrapping! I wanted to feature some new ideas and focus on replacing single-use items theme. 

Many of them are scrapbusting patterns, which helps you to Save the Environment too! You utilize your scrap yarn, while making cute and practical gifts that you can give throughout the year! Which means less buying commercially produced items that have all sorts of industrial practices, and environmentally damaging footprints attached to them. Whoah, that got heavy, fast! 😅😅

Happy Hooking! 💜

To find all of my crochet basket patterns in one place.

Table of Contents

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including crochet dice bag patterns!


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28 Eco-friendly crochet patterns to replace single use items(2)
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Scrapbusting Crochet Patterns for the Win!

We all have a collection of leftover yarn scraps! And making use of them in further crochet projects is called Scrapbusting! This clever technique involves using up these leftover bits of yarn to create beautiful and functional projects. It’s a fantastic way to be more sustainable with your crafting supplies. By using what you already have, you’re reducing textile waste and making a conscious choice for the environment. Plus, scrapbusting is a budget-friendly approach to crocheting. You can create new projects without buying additional yarn, saving you money in the long run. This additionally makes it easier to buy an ad-free crochet pattern to support your fave crochet designers!

But the benefits of scrapbusting go beyond practicality. Sometimes you will be surprised what you might weave into your projects. As you never quite know what color combinations will emerge from your stash, each project becomes a unique adventure. Working with a variety of colors and textures encourages experimentation and I promise, you’ll make one-of-a-kind creations you’ll love! Additionally, scrapbusting helps you clear out your stash, making it easier to find the yarn you need for future projects. It can even be a therapeutic and relaxing way to unwind, sorting and knowing you’re giving new life to something old. The best part? You’ll never have to wait to start a project again! With scrap yarn always on hand, you can start a crochet project anytime, anywhere.


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Fun and Free Scrap Yarn Crochet Patterns


Paid vs Free Crochet Patterns

Both free and paid crochet patterns can contribute to a more sustainable crafting practice, but in slightly different ways:

Free Patterns:

  • Reduced Paper Waste: Choosing a free, downloadable pattern eliminates the need for physical copies, which reduces paper production and associated environmental impacts like deforestation and energy use.
  • Encourages Scrapbusting: Free patterns are often designed with versatility in mind, allowing crocheters to use a wider variety of yarn weights and colors. This can encourage the use of leftover yarn scraps, reducing textile waste.

Paid Patterns:

  • Support Sustainable Businesses: Some designers – especially independant ones like me! – who sell patterns, use eco-friendly materials and processes. By purchasing these patterns, you’re indirectly supporting sustainable practices within the crafting industry.
  • Higher Quality, More Durable Projects: Paid patterns often involve more intricate designs and detailed instructions. These well-made projects may be more likely to be cherished and used for a long time, reducing the need to create new ones to replace them.

Ultimately, the most environmentally-friendly option depends on your specific situation. If you have a stash of leftover yarn, using a free, scrap-busting pattern is a great choice. If you’re looking for a high-quality, heirloom project and are willing to support a sustainable designer, a paid pattern might be the way to go.





28 Eco-friendly crochet patterns to replace single use items
Wander Yarn 10 Pack

Spa Day Crochet Patterns

Charcoal Flower Makeup Round Face Scrubbie by Salty Pearl Crochet.jpg

Charcoal Flower Makeup Round Face Scrubbie by Salty Pearl Crochet

This is a beginner skill level pattern to quickly craft a bundle of super cute flower rounds. Use them as little face scrubbies or make up remover pads – that of course are reusable and washable! You could make little stacks bound with pretty ribbon to sell at craft fairs, or to give as last-minute gifts.

Find the pattern here!



Crochet Spa Set for Self Care Crochet Patterns by Fosbas Designs

Crochet Spa Set for Self Care by Fosbas Designs

Including a wash cloth, face scrubbie, soap pouch and loofah crochet pattern, this spa set includes it all! Make a self care basket for Mom, so she can pamper herself for Mother’s Day! Just remember to include a yummy, natural body wash to this handmade gift.

Find the pattern here!

April Showers Cloths Free Crochet Pattern by GFFD

April Showers Cloths by Green Fox Farms Designs

There’s two patterns in one, with the April Showers Cloth Set! Make a sun or cloud shaped cloth – or both! – with this easy pattern. Pair with a block of handmade soap or delicious, natural facewash for a quick gift idea. The square cloth pattern is a little quicker than the round, and provides a lovely mindless make to finish in front of the TV.

Find the pattern here!



Scrubby Soap Saver bag pattern by Nicki's Homemade Crafts


Scrubby Soap Saver bag pattern by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Here’s another 2 in 1, sustainable, practical and eco-friendly crochet pattern for a a set of cute face scrubbies plus a soap saving mesh bag! This beginner pattern includes a tutorial for the linked double crochet stitch and would make great use of your scrap yarn basket.

Find the pattern here!


Little Puff Crochet Washcloth by Simply Melanie JAne


Little Puff Crochet Washcloth by Simply Melanie Jane

A gentle cloth to wash your face, elevate your experience and make you feel good about helping the planet! This is both an easy and quick premium pattern for advanced beginners. This simple cloth pattern could double as a divine dishcloth, with it’s textured fabric.

Find the pattern here!


Reusable Face Scrubbies pattern by Fosbas Designs


Reusable Face Scrubbies by Fosbas Designs

Easily make your own face scrubbies with this eco-friendly pattern! This is an easy pattern for beginners, using worsted weight yarn  and has a fun little twist. There’s a little strap added to house your fingers to stop these little scrubbies from sliding around as you use them.

Find the pattern here!



3D Flower Face Scrubby by Jenny and Teddy


3D Flower Face Scrubbie by Jenny and Teddy

Although it might look a little complicated, this 3D flower is actually very easy to make! Y’all could even make a larger version as a body scrub for the shower. This free pattern uses cotton yarn, which is soft, washable and durable of course, plus it’s biodegradable when in many years time, you’re ready to say goodbye and make a new one.

Find the pattern here!



Morning Glow Washcloth by My Crochet Space


Morning Glow Washcloth by My Crochet Space

Here’s a more intricate pattern for the intermediate crocheters reading, or more adventurous crocheters who’d like a challenge! You’ll love the interesting stitch pattern used and the textured effect that results. This is a well written free pattern , that includes a clear photo tutorial to guide you.

Find the pattern here!



Free Crochet Facial Rounds Pattern by A CRafty Concept


Plush Facial Rounds by A Crafty Concept

We all love an easy crochet pattern that’s super quick to make! And that’s exactly what this reusable facial round pattern provides. This free pattern makes use of our plush Bernat Blanket yarn scraps! Beginning with a magic circle and finished with a cute border stitch in a contrast color, these are a striking take on this sustainable spa item.

Find the pattern here!






Crochet Decorations for the Holidays

Scandinavian folk garland pattern by green fox farms designs

Scandinavian Folk Garland by Green Fox Farms Designs

This Christmas garland designed by yours truly! Features 6 extremely cute designs that you can make over and over to create a festive christmas crochet project to decorate your home, tree or front door. The motifs included are a Gnome, Snowflake, Christmas Tree, Bird, Ornament, and Heart!

Find the pattern here!



Festive Queen Elizabeth Tea Light Cozy by Start Crochet

Queen Elizabeth Festive Tea light Cozy by Start Crochet

Create a whole bunch of reusable tea llight cozies that look like delicate crowns crafted from yarn. There are 3 different designs included in this beginner friendly, free crochet pattern. You might use them for elegant table settings, bridal showers and other special occasions.

Find the pattern here!



Chunky Single Crochet Basket Tutorial by Life and Yarn

Cabled Towel Ring Holder by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Instead of an unsightly hook, why not crochet this pretty towel holder that incorporates wooden rings? Change your hand towels or tea towels easily and leave the hanger in place in your kitchen or bathroom. No need for disposable paper towels or cloths, this is an easy and free crochet pattern that includes a video tutorial.

Find the pattern here!



Floral Triangle Bunting Garland Free patern by Made by Gootie

Floral Triangle Bunting Garland Free patern by Made by Gootie

If you already have some DK weight yarn or Sport weight yarn in your stash, then this makes a great stashbusting project idea! Both in different color choices or a single solid color – garland bunting always makes a home look festive! Decorate your room, family room or outdoors with this free crochet pattern.

Find the pattern here!



Tealight Holiday Garland crochet Pattern by Knitter KNotter

Tealight Holiday Garland by Knitter Knotter

Availalbe on etsy, this premium pattern makes cute hanging tealight cozies, that can be strewn around the room via a garland! No need for fairy lights that may – or might not – work! Or as a more traditional Christmas light option, draped around the tree. This is a beginner pattern.

Find the pattern here!



4th July Holiday Bunting crochet pattern by KnitterKnotter(1)

4th July Decorative Bunting by Knitter Knotter

No need to throw away store bought red, white and blue flags, when you can crochet this decorative bunting and re-use it year after year! This free pattern shows you how to make the perfect tassel, and comes with both left and right handed video tutorial. It’s beginner friendly and can be made fairly quickly.

Find the pattern here!



Spring Flower Garland crochet pattern by Banana Moon Studio

Gardens Galore Spring Flower Garland by Banana Moon Studio

Decorate your home for Spring! Because the change of season is always something to celebrate. This cute flower garland is mix and match with 5 motif designs. There’s a heart, ring, wheel and two different flower designs. You can hang them individually or layer them over one another for a 3 dimensional, colorful effect.

Find the pattern here!



Christmas Tree Wine Bottle Holder by Nicki's Homemade Crafts

Christmas Tree Wine Bottle Holder by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Yes, you can head to the dollar store and get a quick paper bag to gift a bottle of wine to the host, but why would you? When you could craft this gorgeous handmade bag instead, using the fair isle technique. There’s a chart, a video tutorial and written pattern to help you learn simple color changes if you’re advanced beginner and above.

Find the pattern here!



Gourdgeous Pumpkin free crochet pattern for Halloween and Fall decorating

Gourd-geous Pumpkins by Green Fox Farms Designs

All of the Fall Holidays require pumpkin decorations! There’s Fall itself, Halloween and Thanksgiving of course, and these cute crochet pumpkins can be used year after year. This free crochet pattern is perfect for leftover yarn stash projects and provides ideas for creating a pumpkin stem using various items for different effects.

Find the pattern here!






28 Eco-friendly crochet patterns to replace single use items(1)













Keep the House Clean with Crochet Cloths!

Cute Bear Basket Pattern by Little World of Whimsy

Simple Seed Stitch Dishcloth by Salty Pearl Crochet

This textured dishcloth gets the job done! Robust enough to scrub the pots and pans, but cotton yarn won’t leave any scratches behind. And it looks really pretty sitting on your kitchen sink. Why not make them for the bathroom too? 

Find the pattern here!



Granny Square Basket Crochet Pattern by Joy of Motion Crochet

Crinkle Dishcloth by Banana Moon Studio

Liven up your cleaning with a pop of color! Perhaps cleaning can be a little more fun? This free cloth pattern is a great way for a beginner to learn and practice a new stitch, as there’s a video tutorial included with the pattern. And making it with cotton yarn, means you can pop it in the wash once you’re done, and it’ll come back out looking great, ready to clean another day.

Find the pattern here!



Teddy Bear Washcloth by Nicki's Homemade Crafts

Teddy Bear Washcloth by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Have you ever seen such a cute washcloth pattern? Isn’t this a great idea for a baby shower gift and bathtime fun? You’ll only need basic crochet skills as this beginner friendly pattern utilizes basic crochet stitches. This would make a wonderful kid’s stocking stuffer at Christmas time too.

Find the pattern here!



Lobelia Crochet Nesting Baskets by Made By Gootie

Easy Crochet Dishcloth by My Crochet Space

Make a housewarming gift that will be gratefully recieved, with this free and easy dishcloth pattern. These will stand the test of time and the recipient will be grateful to you in years to come. This eco-friendly pattern makes use of cotton yarn and a beginner friendly stitch pattern to craft a lovely, textured cloth.

Find the pattern here!


Elixir Washcloth Free Crochet Pattern

Elixir Soft Washcloth by Green Fox Farms Designs

Single use cloths are so outdated! Handmade is where it’s at! I have lots of crochet cloth patterns, all of which I use in my own home! The Elixir cloth is the newest design of my eco-friendly crochet patterns for cloths.
This washcloth pattern provides step-by-step instructions, teaches you the linked half double crochet stitch and uses the plush comfort of soft cotton yarn. It’s a free crochet pattern, and it looks amazing in different colors!

Find the pattern here!



Eco-friendly crochet patterns to make for EArth Day





Silver Streamline Metal Crochet Hooks





Gifts and Wrapping: Eco-friendly Crochet Patterns

Sweet Stripes Gift Bags for Wrapping Gifts all year around

Sweet Stripes Gift Bags by Green Fox Farms Designs

Save time (gift wrapping), Money (wrapping paper) and the planet (re-usable)! Make these for your family at Christmas, and re-use them over and over again. For gift-giving outside of the home, the recipient gets two presents in one! They can use this bag for whatever they wish, but perhaps they’ll pass on the gift of using this crochet bag for wrapping another gift! 🎁

Find the pattern here!

Surprise Pop Up Gift Box by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Create a charming, interactive gift box with this reversible crochet pattern that uses basic stitches! Made with worsted weight yarn in three colors, this project works up quickly for a fun and re-usable gift wrapping idea.  Featuring a helpful chart to guide you in making the square sides, a video and some helpful assembly photos too, every crocheter can make at least one of these.

Find the pattern here!



Sweet Stripes Wine Tote Bag by GFFD

Sweet Stripes Wine Tote Bag by Green Fox Farms Designs

Tote your wine safely to any event with this 2-in-1 crochet pattern. There’s two bag versions to carry one bottle or two of your favorite grape juice! There’s the additional option of adding an inner lining to the bags, which means less chance of breakage, which really is the whole point don’t you think? These make a great gift for guys too!

Find the pattern here!



Drawstring Gift Bag Pattern by Banana Moon Studio(1)

Drawstring Gift Bag Pattern by Banana Moon Studio

Learn to make a granny square and then turn it into this uber pretty and practical gift bag! This is a fun way to gift gifts, with an extra handmade touch. This free pattern for a drawstring bag is big enough to fit jewelry, a deck of playing cards, or things of a similar size. A quick project, beginners will love dipping into their stash for DK yarn to make a practical pouch for gifting.

Find the pattern here!



Gnome Gift Card Holder Crochet pattern for cash or gift cards at Christmas. Also a hanging ornament for the Christmas tree.

Gnome Gift Card Holder Pattern by Green Fox Farms Designs

A cute gift card holder, or cash envelope, that hangs and makes the cutest little buddy to decorate with? Yes please! Has gnome-body told you of this adorable, free crochet pattern before now? Thank goodness y’all have discoverd it now! It’s a crazy fun stashbuster pattern that you can make year round and they make the best party favor too!

Find the pattern here!






And you’ve made it! You’ve reached the end. Which Eco-friendly crochet patterns did you love the best? Was it the Gnome Gift Card Holder? the Pop-Up Gift Box or perhaps one of the cloth patterns or spa day treasures? There’s so many ideas in here to avoid single use items, that it’s practically criminal that disposable, single use things are still in use at all!

Earth Day makes us think about this, but if y’all are like me? You’re thinking of how to save the planet all year ’round, so you might want to bookmark this blog post? So that you can come back to it throughout the year. And of course, it’s full of the best ideas for scrapbusting and gift giving too! This collection of eco-friendly crochet patterns is a total Win!

Eco-friendly crochet patterns to replace single use items

These eco-friendly crochet pattern ideas, are just a few to get you started on making use of all that Scrap Yarn! There are endless possibilities for scrap yarn projects, so don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun! You can find even more stash buster patterns by searching online or checking out my blog post full of all of my FREE Crochet Patterns! Remember, scrap yarn doesn’t have to go to waste! With a little creativity, you can turn it into beautiful and practical projects that you’ll love, using scrapbusting patterns like these.

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Who else is ready to get crocheting? Thanks so much for reading! I would love to know which of these patterns you’re going to make first! Let me know in the comments! If you enjoyed this post and you want to help me to continue to offer Free Crochet Patterns (<– find them here), please share my Blog Post with your crafty friends and subscribe to my VIP List! You can easily share using the social media buttons below the post! Thank you so much for your support!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave a comment on the blog. Please share your finished creations on Ravelry too!

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