Taco Keychain – Free Crochet Pattern

taco keychain

Taco Keychain – Free Crochet Pattern

Hello Friends! I am thrilled to bring you another awesome Free Crochet Pattern! Just in time for National Taco Day on October 4th, I have a pretty sweet pattern for you! I hope you enjoy my Taco Keychain Crochet Pattern as much as I enjoyed designing it!

Taco Keychain Free Crochet Pattern from www.greenfoxfarmsdesigns.com

I don’t know about y’all, but in our house Tacos are their own food group. Revered by all, both in food and crochet form! So it was only natural that this fun Taco Keychain pattern should evolve! After the popularity of my Mini Ice Cream Cone Keychains at our monthly Boutique Sale, my brain was bursting with ideas for kitchy keychains.

But I couldn’t have done it alone. You are looking at yet another Crochet Pattern inspired by the whims of my 8 year old daughter and her obsession with keychains! 🙂 The girl loves tacos, and really who could blame her, am I right? She’s pretty good inspiration, too. Check out my Emoji Keychain Pattern if you love fun keychains as much as she does! I would have totally dug the same stuff as a kid, so hey, even better!

taco keychain tacos for all

This Taco Keychain pattern is quick and fun to make! Makes a fun gift for a new driver, fancy up your kids’ backpacks, or stocking stuffers for all the kids and teens in your life! Add a fun face to really personalize your Taco Keychain, whatever strikes your fancy! No matter how you make it, your DIY Taco Keychain is sure to be a hit! Don’t crochet? You can purchase a Taco Keychain from my Etsy shop here

taco keychain text

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Unicorn Coffee Cozy – Free Crochet Pattern

4 cups with unicorn coffee cozy

Unicorn Coffee Cozy – Free Crochet Pattern

I don’t know about y’all, but I can’t live without my coffee. I know I’m not alone there! While my Keurig at home makes some pretty mean dark roast, I love me some Starbucks! Hot or iced, a lattè is my favorite drink, hands down! You?

But that lovely Starbucks lattè makes my poor little hand hot or cold to go with it’s lovely rich coffee self! What is a coffee loving girl to do? Well if she is creative and crafty, she will design herself a Unicorn Coffee Cozy, that’s what she will do! And so, she did! 🙂 

2 girls toddler boy wearing crochet unicorn hats

As such, with this delicious motivation for design, and a Crochet Unicorn Hat Pattern fresh in my mind, a Unicorn Coffee Cozy (to match) was born! With the usual amount of trial and error, and lots o’ lattès for inspiration (I NEEDED those cups to get the fit just right, I swear! 😉) I found just the right sizing and got the image tweaked the way I wanted. Or as close as any perfectionist could get! 🙂  

unicorn coffee cozy on cup on table with tray

I am so excited to share this fun, Free Pattern with you! My Unicorn Coffee Cozy Design is quick and fun to make. Make one for yourself to make your coffee look fabulous! Added bonus is that your hand is kept just the right temperature while you enjoy that jolt of life… er … I mean caffeine! 😉

You can make one for a coffee loving friend – Unicorn Coffee Cozies make a great gift – especially paired with a Starbucks gift card. Better yet pair this awesome Unicorn Coffee Cozy gift with Y-O-U as you two enjoy a cup of coffee together! Make sure to also make a Cozy for yourself, and you’ll be the envy of the coffee shop!  

unicorn coffee cozy text

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Wine Glass Cozy – Free Crochet Pattern

crochet wine glass cozy set of 3

2 stacked glasses with crochet wine glass cozy and bottle of wineHello Friends!

I am so excited to share this fun, Free Pattern with you! My Stemless Wine Glass Cozy Design is quick and easy to make. Make some for yourself to jazz up your drink! Make some for a wine loving friend – makes a great gift – especially paired with a bottle of their favorite wine! Cheers! Make a set for a party so you and your friends can tell who’s glass is who’s all night! The possibilities are endless, if only we could say the same about the wine! 😉

wine glass cozy text over 4 wine glasses with crochet wine glass cozy

black crochet wine glass cozyThis is a Free Pattern, so please share with your crochet loving friends! I have created this Crochet Wine Glass Cozy Pattern design to fit most standard 20 oz. stemless wine glasses. You can use multiple colors for a fun look, a solid color for an elegant look, or just change the color on the last round to make a set of drink marker cozies for a party!

2 wine bottles 3 glasses with crochet wine glass cozyI have made a few color striping suggestions for you to use when making your own Crochet Wine Glass Cozy. Instructions for Color Changes for these patterns is found after the pattern instructions. Feel free to use my suggestions or try your own! I have also found that this cozy fits well on a quart size mason jar – perfect for homemade smoothies! How will you use your cozy?

stemless wine glass cozy text

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Foundation Crochet Stitches – Weekend Crochet

Foundation Crochet Stitches 

Learn to Crochet Series

Hello friends! Thanks so much for stopping by! Welcome to the first installment of Weekend Crochet – Tips & Tricks! Today I will share one of my favorite methods that I have learned as a Crochet Artist. Foundation Crochet Stitches!

I will be sharing a both a written description and a video tutorial for each of the Foundation Crochet Stitches. Included are Foundation Single (fsc), Half Double (fhdc), and Double Crochet (fdc) methods.

Foundation crochet Stitches www.greenfoxfarmsdesigns.com

The Foundation Crochet Stitches are a great technique to add a bit more stretch to your work than a traditional chain offers. I love to use Foundation Crochet to when making hats, mittens, and crochet crowns to name a few! I highly recommend the Foundation Half Double Crochet (fhdc) method for the first round of my Basic Crochet Crown and Crochet Dinosaur Crown Patterns!



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Without further ado, here are the tutorials! 

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