Tassel Bunting Tutorial – Weekend Crochet

Tassel Bunting Tutorial

Hello Friends and Happy Friday! I have a fun little tutorial to share with you this week! I am so excited to bring you my Tassel Bunting Tutorial! This is such a quick and fun project to make, and you can use it practically anywhere!

tassel bunting ombre blues

So let’s make a Tassel Bunting to adorn your space! This fun bunting has so many decorating possibilities! Make one to fancy up your little one’s nursery. Dress up the walls of your kids bedrooms or playroom! Decorate your next party in style with a DIY Tassel Bunting or two! Cheer on your favorite football team at home or tailgating with a Tassel Bunting made in your team’s colors!

But wait, it gets better! We all love instant gratification! So how about a DIY project that’s cute & quick? Create your own awesome Tassel Bunting in under an hour! What could be better?? The Tassel Bunting is made to measure, so you can design it to fit your space. You don’t even have to know how to crochet! (But if you want to Learn to Crochet I’d love to teach you!) Let’s get started…

tassel bunting tutorial

Tassel Bunting Tutorial


  • Worsted Weight Yarn – 50 yds
  • Scrap yarn works great!
  • I used:  Lily Sugar ’n’ Cream  – & –
  • Bernat Handicrafter Cotton
  • H 5.0 mm hook  – or –  I 5.5 mm hook
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape



  • Read through the entire pattern before beginning to familiarize yourself with the steps.
  • You can create the Tassel Bunting using a strand of yarn or a crocheted chain.
  • This pattern is FREE, but has not been tested by anyone besides myself. Please feel free to share any questions or comments you may have! I welcome your feedback!
  • This pattern is my intellectual property. You are welcome to make as many as you like, sell them, give them away, etc. You may NOT sell, or alter and claim as your own this pattern. You may not use my photographs. 
  • If you want to share this pattern online, you must only share a link to my blog. You may not copy and paste my text / the pattern to another site. Thank you for respecting my work. 🙂
  • By using this pattern you are agreeing to abide by these terms.


rainbow tassel bunting


Pattern Directions:


  • Measure the space where you would like to hang your bunting. Measure loosley to allow for the bunting to hang down a couple of inches. Write down this number, we’ll use it later!
  • Plan to leave about 6 inches free from tassels on both ends. In addition, you will want to add an extra 12-15 inches to each side for tying your bunting in place. My space was about 45 inches, so I planned 70 inches total.


  • You can create your bunting using a length of worsted weight yarn. With this method you will be tying a knot around each tassel.
  • Alternately  you can crochet a chain of the same distance using the hook size of your choice. I recommend using an H 5.0 mm or I 5.5 mm hook for this method. With the chain method you will create a single chain around each tassel.

blue ombre tassel bunting


  • Decide the number of tassels you will add to the bunting. I recommend spacing them approximately 4 inches apart, but it can be done to your own taste. See step 4 for details to get your planning just right!
  • Then plan your colors – this is the fun part! Some suggestions: Ombre, rainbow, warm or cool color schemes are easy to do.
  • You could also select random shades of scrap yarn, or the colors of party decorations or to match your little one’s nursery!
  • I like to make a quick sketch with colored pencils to get my color scheme just right. Just draw a horizontal line and add triangles of color below it!

rainbow of yarn


  • If you are using scrap yarn without a plan you can just skip this step!! 🙂
  • Now a little planning and math to get your planning just right! Here is what we will need to consider when planning our bunting:
  • Yarn Tie Method – If you are using yarn to tie the tassels in place and not crocheting in between you will want to allow an extra half an inch for each tassel that you tie.
  • Crochet Tie Method – If you are using the crochet method, you will want to measure how many chains it takes to create the space you want, using the yarn and hook you plan to use when creating your bunting. You can simply plan one extra chain to accommodate the tassel.
  • Take the total length of the space you want to cover, subtract the six inch spaces from either side that we planned to leave free of tassels.

Ex. for my space:  45 inches total – 12 inches for each side = 33 inches.

  • How many inches will you space your tassels apart? You will subtract this number from the total above.

Ex. for my space:  33 inches – 4 inches spacing = 29 inches

  • Then divide that number by the spacing between tassels.

Ex. for my space:  33 inches / 4 inches = 8 (remainder of 1)

  • So I could plan to do either 8 or 9 tassels, depending on the color pattern. If I opted to use 9 tassels I would either leave only 5 inches tassel free at each end, or just have the bunting hang a little lower.





  • Time to make your tassels! You can wrap your yarn around just about anything. You want your tassel length between 4 – 6 inches. The easiest methods are to use your fingers for 4 inch tassels or a small book/greeting card for 5 – 6 inch tassels.
  • I used a greeting card that was about 5.5 inches. You could easily cut a square out of a cardboard cereal box or similar material. Just find something thick enough it will hold its shape when you are wrapping yarn around it.


tassel making tutorial collage


  • Once you have your tassel wrapper found or created it’s time to wrap that yarn! Begin with the end of your yarn hanging just below the bottom, and hold it in place with your thumb and you hold the card. Wrap from the front to the back, and back around to the front.
  • You can make your tassels as thick or thin as you like. I recommend at least 10 – 12 wraps. My examples used 25 wraps. Each wrap will end up as one doubled over strand of yarn.
  • Once you are finished cut the yarn end just below the bottom of the card in the back. Carefully remove the yarn from the card and slip it over your fingers. Carefully cut the loops open at the bottom, as evenly as possible. You will trim them later so they don’t need to be perfect!
  • Set one strand aside to use to tie off your tassel. Repeat this step as many times as you need to for your particular bunting. Once the tassels are complete you are ready to begin making your bunting!


>> Follow STEP 7 to use a STRAND OF YARN <<

>> Follow STEP 8 to create a CHAIN of YARN <<


tie on tassel bunting tutotial


  • Grab your strand of yarn and your first tassel. Measure off the first 12 – 15 inches for tying the bunting and an additional 6 inches to leave tassel free. At the point you measured up to, pinch the yarn to mark it. This is where you will tie on your first tassel.
  • Open the tassel and lay it flat, setting the tie to the side. Lay the yarn strand over the center of the tassel, centering the marked area. Carefully tie the strand around the center of the tassel. Pull the knot snug and the yarn ends toward each side of the tassel. Tie a second knot to secure the tassel, pulling it snug.
  • Now take the extra strand of tassel you set aside and lay it under the tassel half and inch to an inch below the top. Tie the tassel once, adjusting the pieces as needed and pull it snug. Tie a second knot snugly, and pull the ends down with the tassel. You can either trim the ends now or opt to trim all of the tassels at the end.
  • Measure the distance to your next tassel, taking care to make sure they are evenly spaced once tied. Then repeat the steps to attach your tassels along the length of the bunting. When all the tassels have been tied and trimmed, measure off the 6 inches of tassel free space and the remaining tie end of your bunting and cut the yarn. Your bunting is complete!


crochet tassel bunting tutorial collage


  • Grab your strand of yarn and your first tassel. Create a chain measuring 12 – 15 inches for tying the bunting plus an additional 6 inches to leave tassel free. You are ready to attach your first tassel.
  • Fold the tassel in half, setting the tie to the side. Insert your crochet hook into the center loop of the tassel at the top. Yarn over and pull the loop through the tassel and then through the loop on the hook to complete your chain. Yarn over again and pull through the loop on the hook to complete another chain. Pull the chain stitch snug to secure the tassel. Create the number of chains needed to make the space in between each tassel. Set the hook aside as you finish the tassel.
  • Now take the extra strand of tassel you set aside and lay it under the tassel half and inch to an inch below the top. Tie the tassel once, adjusting the pieces as needed and pull it snug. Tie a second knot snugly, and pull the ends down with the tassel. You can either trim the ends now or opt to trim all of the tassels at the end.
  • Repeat these steps along the length of the bunting. Once the last tassel has been stitched on, crochet a length of chain to match the beginning chain of 6 inches without tassels plus the 12 – 15 inches to tie the bunting. Your bunting is complete! Go hang it up & Enjoy! 🙂




tassel bunting rainbow shades of blue ombre

That’s it! I can’t wait to see your finished buntings! Please share your finished Tassel Buntings on Ravelry, Facebook, and Instagram! Don’t forget to tag me in your photos so I can see what you’ve made! If you enjoyed this pattern and want to see other Free Crochet Patterns like this one, please share my Blog Post with your friends and subscribe to my newsletter! Use the social media buttons above or below! Thanks you for your support!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have, I am happy to help! 


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