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Congratulations! You are about to learn the final basic stitch in your Learn to Crochet Journey – the Double Crochet Stitch! Now that you OWN that half double crochet stitch, you are so ready to conquer the Double Crochet! Plus, remember how with a half double crochet stitch you can crochet bigger, faster? Well guess what? The Double Crochet takes you even further with just 2 additional steps. Woo! Read on to follow my easy photo and video tutorials for the Double Crochet Stitch!

How to Double Crochet | Photo and Video Tutorial |

The Learn to Crochet Series was designed to help you learn to crochet the same way I did! As a busy mom, the easiest and most appealing way for me to learn crochet was through the help of books, YouTube videos (like those you will find below!), and beginner patterns. While there are some fantastic programs out there, it was hard for me to find the time and babysitter needed to attend a formal class. So for me, I preferred the “self taught” method.

This method is also great for those who don’t have access to a local class, or those who prefer to learn without pressure, at your own pace, and in your own time. Crochet is a wonderful creative outlet! Once I learned to crochet, I never wanted to stop (and I haven’t)!  🙂 I hope it feels the same for your too, but if it doesn’t, learning this way won’t cost you much time or money – yet another bonus! So, let’s get started!

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double crochet Lesson 4 will teach you the third and final basic crochet stitch – the Double Crochet. In this lesson, I will show you how to create a Double Crochet. Lesson 1 teaches you how to create a slip knot and chain. Lesson 2 teaches you how to create a single crochet. Lesson 3 showed you how to create a half double crochet. All subsequent lesson will cover an additional stitch or technique to help you on your way from learning the basics to more advanced techniques. So come on and Learn to Crochet with me!

Already mastered the basics? Ready to move on to the next step? Need to go back to the beginning? Follow the links below to check out my other Learn to Crochet SeriesCrochet TutorialsFree Patterns, and more!



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Double Crochet

The third stitch in your journey! Hooray! Now you will have all 3 of the basic crochet stitches under your belt. There are so many ways to use a double crochet. It works up even bigger than a half double crochet, so you can work even faster, and you can vary your hook size to get a tighter or looser finished product. It’s still a basic stitch, but powerful! Double Crochet are used to make almost anything, such as blankets, sweaters, hats, the sky is the limit! Let’s get started!

crochet chain for double crochetLike you would do with any other stitch, begin by creating a slip knot with your yarn on your hook. Next, you will need to create some chains. I chained  17 to start, but you can create any number. Just make sure to give yourself enough chains to practice on before beginning the next row! Once you have your chains created, we will work back down the row of chains to create and practice our Double Crochet Stitches.

The loop on your hook is your working chain. For a Double Crochet, you will skip the three stitches to the left of this chain, Yarn Over (if you need a refresher just look back at my Single Crochet or Slip Knot and Chain tutorials), and and insert your hook under the top loop of the Fourth Chain from Hook. Yarn Over and pull that yarn back through the loop where you just inserted your hook. Now you have 3 loops of yarn on your hook. So far, the steps are the same as the half double crochet, but that’s about to change. Yarn over again, and pull that yarn through just the first 2 loops on your hook. You will now have 2 loops on your hook. Yarn over one more time, and pull that yarn through the remaining 2 loops on your hook. That’s it! You have created a Double Crochet stitch! Awesome!! 🙂

double crochet tutorial

Since there are so many similarities between Half Double Crochet and Double Crochet stitches, it is especially important to practice. So let’s make another Double Crochet. Yarn over. Insert your hook in the next chain to the left from the stitch you just made (woo!) and yarn over again. Pull that yarn back through the chain and you again have 3 loops on your hook. Yarn over, and pull through just the first 2 loops on your hook. Yarn over one last time, and pull that yarn through the last 2 loops on your hook, and there you have it! Another Double Crochet, made by you! Way to go! But don’t stop there – keep making DC (that’s short for Double Crochet!) all the way along that row of chains you made. Practice makes perfect! 🙂

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You are Ah-mazing! Way to fill in that chain with Double Crochet Stitches! It’s perfectly fine if some of the stitches are not quite the same size, or all that pretty. You’ll get better and better with practice! Right now it’s time to learn how to start your next row. Woo! Just like with the Half Double Crochet, we will now make another chain, or in this case three chains. Double Crochet = Three Chains up. This will get you ready to start the next row. You will be working in the top two loops of the stitches we just made in the previous row. Once you have created your three chains, turn your work around to face the other direction.

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You will now work back down your previous row, creating Double Crochets just like you did before. Yarn over. Insert your hook under both loops of the next stitch to the left (for the first stitch it will be in the same stitch where your hook is already located). Yarn over again, and pull that loop back through. Of course by now, you already know there should now be 3 loops on your hook. Yarn over again and pull through the first 2 of those loops on your hook, leaving 2 loops. Yarn over one last time, pull the yarn through those last 2 loops on your hook and you are DONE!

Now work an additional DC (Double Crochet) in each stitch down the row. Make sure to work all the way down to the end. After that you can create another chain of 3, turn your work around again and keep creating more and more rows! Keep it up until you are confidant in your stitch. 🙂

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JUST A REMINDER: It is important to count the number of stitches you are making to ensure the number is the same from row to row. When you are learning, it is very easy to accidentally add or drop a stitch before you are familiar with what each stitch and step looks like, from the front and back. Sometimes this may even happen to seasoned crocheters! Yes counting stitches can be tedious! But it’s a good habit to form, I promise. Ask my how I know this… 😉 Believe me, it’s best to take the time to do it right the first time! 🙂


Thanks so much for joining me! Looking for more advanced techniques and stitches? Check out these links. Looking for a stitch you don’t see here? Let me know what you would like to see in the comments!

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