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Free Coffee Cozy Crochet Patterns

One of my favorite things to give as a gift is something both handmade and useful, so Coffee Cozies top that list! I decided to put together a list of some fabulous and FREE Coffee Cup Cozy Crochet Patterns to help you easily find some patterns that would make great gifts!! So grab your hooks and read on to find your next quick gift project!

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With Back to School in full swing and the holidays on the horizon, I’ve got gift giving on the brain. Our teachers and staff have truly been a phenomenal force of stability and normalcy during these challenging times, and yet they’ve had to overcome the same obstacles while continuing to educate and support our kiddos. 💜  The same can be said of other frontline workers like doctors, nurses, caregivers, restaurant and maintenance workers, and let’s not forget those hard working postal employees who saw their workload go up just as much as we all started ordering everything online.

So many places are understaffed right now, and the employees are bearing the brunt, with a smile and helping hand. If you feel so inclined, a small thank you gift can go a long way to let these, and others, know that we do care and we do appreciate their hardwork and sacrifice! And of course a kind word, a smile, and a Thank You can make all the difference in someone’s day!


Sweet Stripes Coasters - Crochet Pattern for Adorable Round Coasters - Perfect for drinks or as small plant rugs - Free Crochet Pattern from

Mountainside Coffee Cozie

Who doesn’t love a quick gift? You will have this textured beauty worked up in no time! The Mountainside Coffee Cozie by Crochets by Trista uses super bulky yarn, to give the cozy extra squish and texture! Find the FREE Pattern right here!

Sweet Stripes Plant Cozy and Hangers Crochet Pattern - Easy Crochet Pattern - Cute home decor - Crochet Plant Hanger - Boho Home Decor Planter Cozy - Crochet Home Decor Patterns from


Honey and Crumpets Cozy

Who else just loves the name of this fabulous cozy?? Get ready to elevate your coffee with the Honey and Crumpets Cozy Pattern! This one is beginer friendly with simple stitches, but as you can see just a few color tweaks and it looks anything but basic! 😍 Get the FREE Pattern right here!


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Sweet Stripes Coffee Cozy

Y’all have truly made this collection of patterns a huge success, and I love designing them so that is just one bonus after another! The fab Sweet Stripes Coffee Cozy comes with the option to make a to-go cup sleeve or button on mug cozy, so you’ve truly go the perfect gift to show your appreciation… even if it’s a gift for yourself! You deserve it! ☕️ Find the FREE Pattern right here!


Espresso Chip Coffee Cozy

Coffee and Ice Cream, what more is there to life really? If you agree then I know you’re going to love crocheting the Espresso Chip Coffee Cozy by Ambassador Crochet! I am loving the open look to the stitches, and the fact that this pattern was designed with a yarn called Coffee Beenz!! 🤩 This cozy is part of Kristine’s fabulous Ice Cream Social Pattern collection, that you will definitely want to check out too! Find the FREE Pattern right here!

Cup of Love Coffee Cozy

So this might be my favorite cozy pattern just because it makes an extra amazing gift! Want to know why? The heart on the Cup of Love Coffee Cozy, by yours truly Green Fox Farms Designs, doubles as a pocket! “What has it got in it’s pocketses?” (sorry I couldn’t resist a little Gollum quote! 😆)  For real, the pocket is meant to hold a little gift – a coffee or other gift card, cash, or even a love note – the choice is yours! Find the FREE Pattern right here!

Oscar the Octopus Cozy

How cute is Oscar the Octopus Coffee Cozy? I absolutely adore him, and extra adore him because he was designed by my friend Kristine’s (of Ambassador Crochet) teenage daughter Rachel!! How cool is it to pass on the craft of crochet to our kids, and then having them designing patterns too?? You know you need this awesome pattern in your life!! Find th FREE Pattern right here!

Winter Hills Coffee Cozie

You are going to love this coffee cozie pattern! Using simple stitches and a fun repeat you will get nice texture and have your gift whipped up in no time! Did I mention that the Winter Hills Cozie Crochet Pattern was designed by Crochets by Trista as a teacher gift? How perfect is that?? Find the FREE Pattern right here!

Unicorn Coffee Cozy

I really love colorwork and thing it is so freaking cool that we can make pictures with crochet! 🦄  So I had a blast designing the Unicorn Coffee Cozy and learning how to turn my drawing into a graph and then into a crochet pattern! This is one of my earlier patterns so forgive me if it’s not perfect! 😉 But if you love colorwork, or have been wanting to give it a try then this is the perfect pattern for you! Find the FREE Pattern right here!


❤️  I hope you enjoyed this list of 8 amazing FREE Coffee Cozy Crochet Patterns! Thanks so much for reading! Did you find a couple of patterns you want to make for gifts or even yourself? I’ve added a few to my list! I’d love to hear which coffee sleeve pattern is your favorite! 

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