Free Beginner-Friendly Zipper Tutorial!

My Sweet Stripes Pouches Crochet Pattern continues to be Oh So Popular! Thank you! 🙏 However, the question I get most asked about the pattern is – How To Hand Sew a Zipper? Is there a video tutorial for this? So I thought I’d take the time to create one, right here on the blog for y’all!

Sp, are y’all ready to take your crochet bags to the next level? Adding a zipper is a simple way to instantly elevate your handmade creations, making them more functional and polished. But what if you don’t have a sewing machine? No problem!

In this beginner-friendly tutorial, I’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of hand sewing a zipper into your crocheted bag. With clear process photos and a video tutorial, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to achieve professional-looking results using just a needle, thread, and a little patience!

This easy tutorial will equip you with a valuable skill that will open up a world of possibilities for your handmade projects. So grab your crochet bag, a zipper, and let’s get started! 

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Gathering Your Supplies

Before we jump into How to Hand Sew a Zipper into your crochet project, let’s make sure you have everything you need! You’ll want your finished crocheted bag – or other crocheted item, a zipper that’s the correct length for your opening, a needle suitable for hand sewing, thread in a color that matches or complements your bag, scissors, and pins or sewing clips. If you’re using a thicker yarn or fabric, you might also want a thimble to protect your fingers.

If you want to buy any of these handy supplies online before you dive into this beginner tutorial, here’s my favorite recommendations for you!

Zipper (I only buy YKK zippers and my favorite source is ZipIt on Etsy!)

Thread (I like to use embroidery thread for hand sewing zippers)

Scissors (I love these – portable and sharp!)

Pins (Classic Straight pin – these work well for blocking too!)

Or Sewing Clips  (← These are my favorite trick – no poked fingers!)

Locking Stitch Markers (These work well in place of pins too!)

sweet stripes zipper pouches_green fox farms designs

Sweet Stripes Zipper Pouch Crochet Pattern

If you want to follow along with me exactly – you might first want to crochet your own Sweet Stripes Zipper Pouch Bag! There’s four sizes of bag to choose from. The Mini Coin Pouch and the Small Crochet Purse are both FREE on the Blog. All 4 sizes are available for purchase in my shops.

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✦ Cute and functional Zipper Pouches pattern!

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✦ Small is perfect for mani/pedi case or your cards and keys!

✦ Medium will hold makeup, your crochet notions, or phone, keys and cards as a mini clutch!

✦ Large makes a fab clutch purse or small project bag!

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Sweet Stripes Zipper Pouch Crochet Pattern

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purple Labyrinth Lullaby Bonding Square Pattern

Before We Begin the How to Hand Sew a Zipper Tutorial for Beginners…

This tutorial is specifically designed with beginners in mind. We’ll be using basic hand sewing techniques that are easy to learn and master, even if you’ve never sewn before. Hand sewing a zipper allows for greater control and precision, especially when working with crocheted fabrics. Plus, you don’t need any fancy equipment – just a needle, thread, a little time and a little patience!

Honestly, this really is acheivable for you! I promise! And you’ll feel Oh Sew Accomplished when you’ve completed your project. It feels sew professional.
Sorry – not sorry – about the puns. I just can’t help myself!

Hand-sewing vs Machine sewing: A Quick Comparison

While sewing machines can be incredibly useful, hand sewing a zipper offers several advantages, especially for crocheted projects. Hand sewing is slower, and allows for more flexibility and adaptability when working with different yarn weights and textures. It also gives you the freedom to sew in any direction, making it easier to navigate curves and corners.

Machine sewing, on the other hand, can be faster and more efficient for larger projects or straight seams. Also, if your machine happens to include an invisible zipper foot, or zipper foot you’ll be able to create a clean and concealed zipper in your sewing projects

Ultimately, the best method depends on your personal preference, skill level, and the specific requirements of your project.

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Three images showing the Labyrinth Lullaby Bonding Square Pattern

Steps for How to Hand Sew a Zipper Tutorial

A Note on Zipper Placement

Consider where you want to place your zipper on your bag. Carefully start from the center of the bag opening, align the middle of the zipper with the top edge. This will ensure a balanced look and smooth functionality when opening and closing your bag.

1. Prepare Your Zipper

If your zipper has excess fabric beyond the teeth, or is longer than the opening of your bag, trim it down so it’s flush with the zipper stop.  This will help prevent bulk when sewing. Be careful when going over the teeth, and make sure to leave at least half an inch of tape beyond the edges of your bag. I like to use a pinking shears or pinking rotary cutter blade, which helps reduce fraying of the zipper tape. If your zipper is the same length, do not trim the excess tape. 

2. Pinning the Zipper Tape

Open your zipper and place it along the opening of your bag, making sure it’s centered and the zipper pull is facing the correct direction. Pin or clip the zipper in place to keep it secure while you sew, working along each side. 

3. Sewing the Zipper Tape

Thread your needle and knot the end of your thread. Starting at one end of the zipper, insert your needle through the back of the zipper tape and then through the edge of your bag. Continue sewing along the length of the zipper tape, using a simple running stitch. Keep your stitches small and even for a neat finish.

4. Finishing Touches to Your Zippered Bag

After securing the zipper teeth on both sides, double-check your stitches to make sure everything is secure. Trim any loose threads and admire your handiwork! You’ve successfully hand sewn a zipper into your crocheted bag, adding both functionality and a professional touch.

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How to Hand Sew a Zipper

A Sewing Tutorial for Crocheters!

Have you ever wanted to add a zipper to your crochet bags or pouches? Sewing and zippers can feel daunting, but I’d love to show you the easy way to do it! Get excited to add a professional touch to your next crochet project! I’ll show you how to sew a zipper into a coin pouch with or without a liner!

Want even more help? Check out my VIDEO TUTORIAL below!


Step 1:

Place inner liner inside of outer pouch so that the final row of each line up at the top. Skip this step if you’re working with an unlined bag. Trim zipper if needed so that the zipper tape is about 0.5” – 1” wider than the opening of the bag. Take care trimming the zipper teeth. Fold down the top of the outer pouch slightly.

Step 2:

Unzip zipper and place one side against the one side of the inner liner (on the outside) so that the zipper opening lines up with the inner liner and pin or clip in place, repeat for the other side. It’s easiest to position on just the inner liner first. 

Step 3:

Bring the outer pouch back up and pin the zipper sandwiched in between the inner and outer portions. If you are sewing the zipper into an unlined bag, place the zipper on the inside of the bag and follow step 2 to secure it in place.

Step 4:

Cut a length of thread that is 2.5 – 3 times the entire length of your bag. Tie a knot at one end and insert the other end through the need. Bring the needle through all (2) 3 layers of the bag and zipper, starting from the inside, beginning at either end of the pouch. Use a running stitch to go through the inner liner, zipper, and outer pouch with each stitch. Work the stitches inside to outside, then outside to inside. I place my stitches just under the top loops of the final row for both parts of the pouch, and about .25” below the zipper portion.

Step 5:

Keep working all the way around the top edge of the pouch. Make sure the ends of the zipper stopper are lined up when you work around the end, so the zipper will work well. Take care at both ends of the bag/zipper to keep the zipper tape down. I cross the pieces when stitching for extra security. 

Step 6:

When you have reached your first stitch, do one final stitch. Tuck the thread in and make sure the zipper runs well. Knot off the ends of the thread inside the inner liner once finished, trim and conceal the ends between the 2 layers. If you are working with an unlined bag, I recommend making another row of stitches near the bottom of the zipper tape to secure it in place. Congrats you are finished!

Labyrinth Lullaby Bonding Square Pattern textured blanket squares
SS Zipper Pouch Bag in Hand, with Tassel

Adding a zipper to your crochet bag doesn’t have to be a daunting task! With this beginner-friendly tutorial, you’ll learn how to hand sew a zipper with confidence, even if you’ve never sewn before. We’ve covered everything from gathering your supplies to mastering essential stitches, ensuring a smooth and successful sewing experience. By following these simple steps and watching the accompanying video tutorial, you’ll be able to add a professional finishing touch to your handmade bags in no time.

Sew, don’t let the thought of sewing intimidate you – grab your needle and thread and discover the joy of hand sewing a zipper into your crochet projects!


Please Share your Finished Zipper Pouches

Now it’s your turn! Have you tried to add a zipper to a crochet project in the past? Do you have a favorite tip  or story to share? Let’s chat in the comments below!

I hope you enjoy this free beginner tutorial as much I enjoyed creating it for you! I would love to see your gorgeous projects on Ravelry and social media! Please tag me in your photos so I can see what you’ve made! I adore getting to see the beautiful projects y’all have made with my patterns! It’s the reason I do what I do!! (Plus the yarn benefits are pretty great too!! )

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