Valentines Gifts for Fiber Artists

Not sure what to get that special someone in your life who lives to craft? Maybe you’re looking for ideas for yourself! Either way, these Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Crocheter and Knitters are sure to please the yarn loving person in your life!

Yarn as a gift is always appreciated, so when in doubt yarn is always the answer! But maybe you want to branch out a little, or you’re not sure which yarn is the way to your Valentine’s heart? Never fear, every item on this list is sure to be a big hit with your Valentine, for that special day or any day of the year! Remember, you’re already making an effort to give a thoughtful gift so you’ve already guaranteed they will love and appreciate what you give them! Read on to find the perfect gift for your Valentine or yourself!


A little bit about this list. This post does contain affiliate links which means if you purchase from one of my links I get a small commission and it does NOT change the price you pay at all. Most of these links are to small business I know and love, a few are to my own items in my Etsy shop. I truly hope you find something special for you or your Valentine!

Sweet Stripes Ornament Pattern will help you create Beautiful colorful crocheted Christmas Baubles to decorate your tree this holiday season! Crochet your own Christmas Decorations with the quick and easy crochet pattern! Christmas Ornament crochet tutorial shows you how to make a crochet ornament for your Christmas tree! Crochet Pattern by

Furls Odyssey Crochet Hooks

Furl Odyssey are like the Cadillac of crochet hooks. These are Furls most popular hooks, they come in a wide variety of colors, and their ergonomic shape makes crocheting more comfortable for the user! I personally own 5 of these hook and absolutely love them! Get your Furls Odyssey Hooks here!

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Leither Co Handmade Crochet Hook

The A Dream is a Wish handmade wooden handle hook from Leither Co makes a beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day! I am a huge fan of handmade crochet hooks! You get a beautiful, artisan made hook and get to support a small business while you’re at it! Win-win in my book! Get your hooks here!

Addi Click Bamboo Circular Needle Set

Full disclosure this one is on my personal wishlist! I am a NOVICE knitter (as in I have yet to complete an actual project), but circular needles are kind of a must have! This is a beautiful set and because they are interchanceable you get a lot of bang for your buck! Plus they come with this super cute case which makes them an extra special gift!! Get your needles set here!

Sweet Stripes Coasters - Crochet Pattern for Adorable Round Coasters - Perfect for drinks or as small plant rugs - Free Crochet Pattern from

On the Go Arm Project Bag

Confession: I take my yarn everywhere, even on dates with my husband (but I leave it in the car, don’t worry! 😉) –> I’m not going if I can’t take my yarn! Problem solved. With this cute and functional On the Go Arm Project Bag your fiber artist valentine can take their project with them where ever you go! This chic baag hangs comfortably from your arm so your project is close at hand, even while walking around. You can pick the perfect size bag since no 2 projects are ever quite alike, and pick your fabrics too! Get your bag here!

Sweet Stripes Plant Cozy and Hangers Crochet Pattern - Easy Crochet Pattern - Cute home decor - Crochet Plant Hanger - Boho Home Decor Planter Cozy - Crochet Home Decor Patterns from


Yarn is my Valentine Pouch and Tin Set

Yarn is my Valentine Zipper pouch is the a funny Valentines Day gift for your favorite yarn crafter! This little zipper case is perfect for crocheters to store hooks and tools or for knitter to store needles and notions! The matching tin holds your stitch markers, buttons, tags, and more! Did I mention the sparkles? We love sparkles and this set is full of them! Gift the the perfect Yarn lovers gift! Get your set here!

Beginner Tunisian Crochet Kit

If there is one thing we know, it’s that fiber artists love to craft! Give the gift of learning a new yarn craft with this Beginner Tunisian Crochet Kit from Noors Knits! This kit will teach you or your valentine how to create a soft cotton towel or washcloth! The kit includes everthing you need to learn this skill and create a finished towel, plus a video tutorial and written pattern. This fun kit is sure to be a favorite! Get your kit here!

Furls Teak Wooden Yarn Bowl

I love when items are beautiful and functional, how about you? This gorgeous carved teak yarn bowl is unpainted to show of the beautiful grain of the wood, with a soft finish to prevent snagging. A yarn bowl is a wonderful way to keep your yarn where you need it and not rolling on the the floor and collecting dirt! The yarn guide helps keep your yarn moving smoothly while you work. Did I mention this one is on my wishlist! 😉 Get your bowl here!


Sweet Stripes Gift Bags Crochet Pattern. Create your own Colorful Red and Green Gift Bags tied with ribbon. Give a gift in a pretty gift bag handmade by you with the Easy Crochet Pattern! Crochet Pattern designed by

Noro Tabi Wool Blend Yarn

Remember how I said when in doubt yarn, well here’s a good candidate for that! Stunning Noro Tabi Wool Blend yarn is one of those highly coveted, luxury yarns we all drool over, but can never justify purchasing for ourselves. The colors are stunningm and this large ball boasts over 400 yards of yarn which means it’s more than enough for most projects (excluding garments) but you can always get more than one to be on the safe side! Get your yarn here!

Sweet Georgia Party of 5 Gradient Skein Set

Hello beautiful! So what is better than one hank of yarn? Give up? A set of 5 gorgeous, color coordinated hanks of yarn of course! The Sweet Georgia Mini-Skein Set waas made for gifting in my opinion! This beautiful wool blend yarn comes in an array of colors, and the gradient sets take all the guess work out of picking your shades of color! Want to make that fiber artist you love grin from ear to ear? It’s simply a matter of the right gift. Get your yarn here!


Knitters Enamel Mug

I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for these campfire inspired enamel mugs! They’re just so cute and fun and when you can proclaim your love for your favorite craft while sipping your coffee… I mean what could be better? Even if you don’t drink coffee, you can use this type of mug for anything – tea, water, whiskey, wine… whatever pops your cork! (Oops, couldn’t resist a little pun there! 🙊 😆) This Knit Mug from Happy Homemaker Design has such a simple and clean design it is sure to appeal to your favorite knitter. Get your mug here!

Rip It! Frog Coffee Mug

We’ve all been there, something didn’t work out quite right, and we had to frog the project! Rip it, rip it, rip it! Now you can see the humor in the act with this cute and funny Rip it coffee mug! Does your valentine love to laugh? Then the Rip it mug is the perfect mug to make her smile while she drinks her cuppa! Get your mug here!

Pretty Purple Stitch Markers

What crochet or knit project would be complete without it’s own set of jewelry? What better way to mark your stitch or row than with a stunning set of stitch markers that you love too look at while you work? I don’t know about you, but pretty stitch markers make me enjoy my craft so much more than the boring plastic variety. These are some progress keepers that I would love to receive as a gift, would your valentine love them too? Get your stitch markers here!

Set of 9 Faux Fur Pom Poms

How about a gift that is both useful and super fun? This colorful set of rainbow faux fur pom poms is your go to gift! Sure to brighten your valentine’s day, and the hats these poms will adorn too! This set has 9 fun colors that are sure to match the myriad of yarn in every crafter’s stash! I love that this set offers premade and DIY options as well as different methods to attach your poms. Perfection! True confession: This exact set is sitting in my Etsy cart as I write this! And I can’t wait to get them!! Get your pom pom set here!

Yarn Lovers Notions Tin

This adorable and giftable Yarn Lovers Notions Tin makes organization a breeze! This cute storage case with heart shaped yarn will hold all your essential notions like stitch markers, tags, and buttons and more! Customize your tin to make the gift extra special! You get to pick the color of the yarn and choose crochet or knitting for the perfect gift for your valentine or yourself! Get your notions tin here!

Yarn Magic Holographic Decal

Stickers are such a fun way to express your personality and the things your love, anywhere! Stickers allow you to dress up everyday items and make them truly YOU! My grandma used to buy amazing stickers for us as kids, so they also have that added bonus of nostalgia for me. ❤️  My FAVE type of sticker is the holographic ones! So fun and shiny and rainbow-y! Add yarn and magic and it’s pretty much everything I love right there! Your valentine will love this fun yarn decal too! Get your sticker here!

Purple Llama Yarn Lovers Sticker

What do you get when you cross a cute llama with some yarn? An adorable, wonderful gift for your valentine! Llamas are so trendy right now and for fiber artists they’re extra special because their wool makes amazing YARN! So this sticker is adorable and pretty much has it ALL. It is sure to be a beloved gift for your valentine! Get your sticker here!

Gaia Pocket Shawl Crochet Pattern -

You Had Me at Knitting T-Shirt

Besides yarn, tee shirts are a gift that is basically guaranteed to be a hit, period. Add your valentine’s fave craft to that shirt and you just scored 100 at gift giving! I’m going to make it easy for you – here is the perfect tee for your fave knitter! Cute, simple, and to the point (yes pun intended 😆) this is a great shirt that you or your valentine, will love receiving and wearing! Get your t-shirt here!

Dragon Yarn Hoarder Hoodie

If you’ve ever wanted to give someone the gift of a hug, then a hoodie is like that but like a hug that lasts and lasts! This hoodie with the adorable yarn hoarding dragon (that I assure you EVERY yarn crafter can relate to!) will be that lasting gift for your valentine, and she will think of you every time she wears it! Which will be often, trust me! Pretty great gift right? And if you’re looking at this and thinking… I want to get this for myself – do it! You’re worth it! Get your hoodie here!



❤️  I hope you enjoyed this list of 18 Valentine Gift Ideas for Fiber Artists! Thanks so much for reading! Did you find a couple of things that will make a great gift for your Valentine or maybe for yourself?  I’d love to hear which gift ideas are your favorites! 

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