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17 Crochet Patterns that match

Aquarius Personality Traits

I think we can all agree that crochet is super therapeutic and can be an incredibly rewarding craft – for many reasons. I use it to relax, to create personal gifts, as my daily meditation, to make unique things for my kids and of course, it’s my creative outlet! However, I’m sure that I’m speaking to the converted. So what makes this group of patterns different to other collections on the interweb? Well, these patterns have been particularly collated for those of you with Aquarius personality traits! ♒️

If you’re like most people, you probably know your Zodiac sign. But did you know that your astrological sign can also give you some insight into the kind of person you are? If you’re an Aquarius, chances are you’re a creative and independent thinker. You’re also probably pretty good at problem solving. In this collection, you can discover the perfect crochet pattern for your Aquarius spirit! This is just one of twelve unique blog posts tailored to those born under this zodiac sign—a fun and creative way to express yourself through craft.

Aquarians are known for their creativity and individualism, so why not express it through crochet? If you’re an Aquarius, there are some unique patterns below, that will capture the attention of your free-spirited nature. Show off your ingenuity with each delightful stitch. From easy and beginner-friendly projects to more complex pieces, the following crochet patterns will help you show off your unique personality while at the same time creating something beautifully different! 

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Now let’s head down a fiber-filled, horoscope-inspired adventure!

Happy Hooking!   💜  Lisa

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Free Form crochet pattern ideas

People born under the sign Aquarius are known for their creativity and uniqueness. If you’re an Aquarius looking for the perfect crochet pattern, it’s time to make something truly special – one that no one else has created before! All you need is a little imagination and some dedication. Your intelligence and quick-wittedness makes you an expert in this type of thing, so believe in yourself and get to creating!

Freeform Storm Cloud by Nine Inspired

Freeform crochet is an adventure waiting to be explored! There’s no need for fear – with this style of crochet, you’ll discover how liberating it can feel not having an exact pattern to follow. Plus, your gorgeous storm cloud creation will definitely come out unique and one-of-a-kind. Ready? All you need are two simple stitches – single crochet and double crochet stitch – so this is the perfect crochet project for an Aquarius beginner! Find the pattern here! ♒️

Cast Iron Handle Cover - Free Crochet Pattern - Pot Holder Pattern - Crochet Pattern - Cast Iron Cooking - Handmade Home -

Design your Own Crochet Monster by Chai Coffee Crochet

The best part about an amigurumi crochet monster is, there’s no rules! Love those eyes? Why not add three? Who needs two arms when you can have four? This is uniquely a crochet pattern that you can get your child involved in too. Let them design their monster, and then you make it come to life, one stitch at a time. The guide, more than a crochet pattern, includes directions on how to make a piece of monster artwork, into a one-of-a-kind cuddly doll!  Find the pattern here! ♒️

Fiesta Blouse by Banana Moon Studio

Drawing inspiration from the vivid colors and detailed design of traditional Mexican clothing, the Fiesta Blouse celebrates Cinco de Mayo! Learn how to crochet the flowers and then make this freeform pattern your own, by choosing your favorite colors and how loose or condensed you want the final flowers to be. In typical Aquarius style, you can be really adventurous!  Find the pattern here! ♒️

Unconventional crochet patterns

If you want to take your crochet to the next level, consider breaking free from traditional crochet patterns and go for something a bit more unconventional. Not only will you be creating something unique with your own twist, but you’ll also stand out from the rest. Some project ideas that may fit this criteria are below, however, the possibilities are practically endless! Trying out one of these patterns provides you plenty of room to showcase your creative talents.

Sunset Lightweight Crochet Shawl by Desert Blossom Crafts

Are you looking for a lightweight shawl that will make heads turn? Then look no further! This pattern is crocheted with the perfect combination of fingering weight yarn and an open, lacy stitch to create something truly special. And you can allow your own personal touch to shine through, by changing up the colors and adding some fun fringe! Before you know it, everyone around town will be asking where they can get one just like yours!  Find the pattern here! ♒️

Collapsible Car Sunshade by Heart Hook Home

If y’all are in the Southern Hemisphere right now, this would make the perfect original pattern for you! If not, then you can get yours ready for when the sun shines again! A Collapsible Crochet Sun Shade adds character and style to any vehicle. With this crochet pattern, you can make something truly different and something one-of-a-kind. It’s truly an unusual accessory that’ll reflect your personality and creativity too!  Find the pattern here! ♒️

Aquarius Streamline Resin
Sweet Stripes Plant Cozy and Hangers Crochet Pattern - Easy Crochet Pattern - Cute home decor - Crochet Plant Hanger - Boho Home Decor Planter Cozy - Crochet Home Decor Patterns from

Wiggle Crochet Trive by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Brighten your home with this stunning 3D Wiggle Crochet Trivet crochet pattern! Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary by crafting an intricately designed accessory to protect countertops from hot dishes. This unique crochet pattern is perfect for Aquarian crocheters looking for a creative and original project – all while adding some practicality and serious style points to the kitchen.  Find the pattern here! ♒️

Stacking Whirls Blanket by Marjolein Kooiman

Make beautiful blankets with a unique Tunisian style by ‘stacking whirls’. This crochet technique makes vivid patterns and is adjustable according to the size of yarn and hook used, and simply make more blocks for bigger rugs! All techniques required are clearly laid out in the easy-to-follow pattern, making it perfect for the unconventional and creative Aquarian.  Find the pattern here! ♒️

Altruism and giving are Aquarian traits

Crocheting for voluntary organization projects is an excellent way to be charitable as an altruistic Aquarian. Whether you are new to the craft or have been crocheting since childhood, there are plenty of patterns out there that will let you make a meaningful contribution with your time and skills. Donating completed projects or offering your crocheting services to a local organization can make a huge difference in your community. Once you find a pattern you love, get those hooks ready, and see how your generosity—as well as your finished masterpiece—can help others!

Sweet Stripes Market Tote by Green Fox Farms Designs

Get ready to crochet up gorgeous practicality, with the Sweet Stripes Market Totes pattern! These adorable, crocheted bags are as sturdy and reliable as they come – perfect for carrying around everything from produce to day-to-day essentials. With three sizes available in this pattern, you can craft the ideal bag that suits all of your – or someone else’s – needs! Find the pattern here! ♒️

Crochet Foundry February 2023

Sweet Stripes Slouch and Skinny Scarf Set by Green Fox Farms Designs

Create your own stunning, easy-to-make combo with this Slouchy Hat and Scarf crochet pattern bundle! Whether you’re a beginner or expert crocheter, these patterns for both a scarf and beanie will help make wonderful winter accessories. Let the warmth of your homemade creations be felt all season long, by those who can really benefit from it! Keep reading to find more crochet patterns for Aquarius. And find the pattern here! ♒️

Sweet Stripes Sunhat by Green Fox Farms Designs

Beat the summer heat in fashionable style with this crochet pattern for a sweet striped sun hat! This lightweight, airy design is perfect to protect your face from harmful rays while at the same time, keeping you cool. Plus, it’s quick and easy enough to whip up one of these Boho-style hats for everyone in the family – available in all the different sizes so no head goes uncovered. Find the pattern here! ♒️

Keep Me Warm Neck Warmer by Simply Hooked by Janet

There are plenty of charitable institutions that are looking for kids toys, and these interactive cuties would certainly be well-received! The Butterfly Ami crochet pattern comes with instructions for both the colorful caterpillar and butterfly rattles. Capture baby’s attention with these two vibrant, playful friends! Their bright colors and friendly features will surely delight any child.  Find the pattern here! ♑️

Learn new skills within a short crochet project

Crafting should be one of the most fun and enjoyable activities, so don’t forget to have fun when it comes to crochet! There are so many amazing patterns available to create, that you could spend hours just browsing your options. Make sure to pick a pattern that speaks to you; something that will not only be a joy to make, but it’s also likely that you’ll learn some great new skills in the process. Crochet can be relaxing or exciting depending on the project, so make sure you find the perfect pattern for you and have some fun!

Twisted Trio Ear Warmers by Elimee Designs

Everyone has their own personal style, and when it comes to ear warmers, the choice of where to wear the knot – front or back – is all down to you. But no matter your decision on styling, there’s a colorwork motif included for everyone within this Twisted Ear Warmer crochet pattern. The delightful motifs included are rainbows, hearts and zigzags – with the rainbow requiring an extra bit of Aquarian effort! And another bonus, the pattern includes several size options, from newborn up to large adult.  Find the pattern here! ♒️

Sweet Stripes Gift Bags Crochet Pattern. Create your own Colorful Red and Green Gift Bags tied with ribbon. Give a gift in a pretty gift bag handmade by you with the Easy Crochet Pattern! Crochet Pattern designed by

Bruges Lace Bracelet by Banana Moon Studio

If you’re looking for a fun, easy project that also teaches you a new technique, then the Bruges Lace Crochet Bracelet pattern is perfect! This traditional artform from Belgium has its roots in tatting, but clever crocheters have found ways to replicate it with crochet. A small amount of yarn can create this delicate and dainty piece of jewelry – making these bracelets ideal gifts! So get creative with your very own scrap busting, Bruges Lace Bracelet design!  Find the pattern here! ♒️

Aquarius Streamline Resin

Cast Iron Pot Holders by Green Fox Farms Designs

In this short and incredibly practical Cast Iron Pot Holder crochet pattern, you’ll learn to create the puff stitch with the included photo tutorial! This is a great way to save money on those pricey store-bought varieties, plus you can customize them with your fave colors or applique unique designs! It’s an easy project that both beginners and experienced crocheters will enjoy because short projects always provide a sense of satisfaction!  Find the pattern here! ♒️

Aquarius is the Water Bearer

Although Aquarius is actually an air sign [along with Gemini and Libra], we know that it’s the Water Bearer, so we attribute Water to this sign, of course! Here’s your chance to show your Aquarian pride with water themed crochet patterns! Transform your space and get creative with crochet that mimics the shape of undulating waves. And even if Aquarius isn’t your sign, bring a little bit of the lake, river or beach home with you and spruce up your decor with these beautiful aquatic crochet patterns.

Sea Waves Pot Holder by Raffamusa Designs

Adding a crocheted wave-themed pot holder to your kitchen is an easy way to bring some color and the ocean breeze indoors! With just yarn and your trusty crochet hook, you can flex those creative muscles to up the fun factor in your kitchen! Plus, you get to enjoy thoughts of chilled out swimming while making delicious meals – how cool is that?  Find the pattern here! ♒️

Ruffled Waters Shawl by Knitter Knotter

Aquarians will love to channel their inner mermaid by crocheting a watery look shawl! With its flowing texture and undulating waves, this piece of artwork is a perfect reminder to Aquarians, of all the adventures and possibilities that lay down within the watery depths. This crochet pattern also provides you with the chance to learn and play, with Tunisian Crochet. That rhymed!  Find the pattern here! ♒️

Sand to Sea Shawl by Creations by Courtney

The Sand to Sea Shawl crochet pattern produces an extremely eye-catching compliment to your wardrobe. Create a stunning half-circle of “sand” using speckled neutrals, and then use shades of blue and turquoise yarns, with glimmering beads added. You can imagine the movement of the water through it like true ocean waves, topped off with beaded crests for an extra sparkle! You don’t have to be an Aquarius to appreciate the beauty of this shawl!  Find the pattern here! ♒️

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So you see, as an Aquarian you can crochet something totally unique, with your own choice of colors, allowing your work to become a reflection of your creative spirit! Feel empowered to create beautiful pieces that are unique, stylish, challenging but not too difficult, as you discover new opportunities for crochet expressiveness! Most importantly – have fun with it! Crochet should be enjoyable so make sure to choose a pattern that you’ll really enjoy working on.

If you enjoyed this selection of crochet patterns for Aquarius Crocheter, guess what? I’ll be producing a round-up of suitable patterns for each of the Astrological signs each month! So make sure to check back in and tell all your crocheting friends! You can check out the previously published roundups listed below!

Join with us on this creative journey of the zodiac, as we weave together the threads of

crochet and astrology to discover patterns that speak to your own astrological sign.

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Who else is dying to get crocheting? I hope you have found the perfect crochet patterns for Aquarius that you can’t wait to make to keep your hands busy! Thanks for reading! I would love to know which of these patterns you’re going to make first! Let me know in the comments! If you enjoyed this post and you want to help me to continue to offer Free Crochet Patterns (<– find them here), please share my Blog Post with your crafty friends and subscribe to my VIP List! You can easily share using the social media buttons below the post! Thank you so much for your support!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave a comment on the blog. Please share your finished creations on Ravelry too!

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