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26 Crochet Patterns that match

Libra Personality Traits

Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by the scales, which represent balance and harmony. Crocheting isn’t just a craft; it’s a way to show who we are. It’s like painting with yarn and hooks! You can use it to express yourself and as a result, a project can capture your personality. In this blog post I’m combining the two. Libran personality traits used to determine the best crochet patterns for Libras! How’s that for balance and harmony?! ⚖️

Libras are known for their love of beauty, and their often extrovert nature. They’re good in social situation, perhaps due to their intellect, and sometimes they can be a bit flirtatious. My goal has been to discover patterns that align perfectly with these and more Libra qualities. I wanted to ensure that crocheting Libras reading this collection of patterns, have the most enjoyable experience possible.

Admittedly, I’d be interested to know how many Libras read this post!  Between their impatience, social commitments and indecisiveness, I can’t help but wonder how many Libra crocheters there actually are out there! However, I know you exist, which is why I have put together this collection of crochet patterns for Libras. So please leave a comment at the bottom of this post, and let me know!

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crochet patterns for Libras according to Libra Personality Traits

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Crochet Patterns for Libras with a Flirtatious Flair

Libras, with their charming and flirtatious nature, will appreciate beautiful, attention-grabbing pieces. Libras have a natural gift for seduction, and this section explores crochet patterns that help them channel their playful energy into their craft.


Gloriosa Vest sleeveless cardigan crochet by cosy rosie uk

Sleeveless Vest by Cosy Rosie UK

With a flirty back and lacy fabric, this crochet vest cardigan pattern will suit Libras to a T. Wear over a swimsuit, or layer over a bra top for a cool, casual look.

Find the pattern here! ♎




Date Night Handbag 2 patterns by Green Fox Farms Designs

Date Night Handbag: 2 versions by Green Fox Farms Designs

Here is a two-in-one pattern that will delight – every date night! This easy pattern includes both an envelope clutch and shoulder handbag design. And you can sparkle them up even more, by using a glittering yarn.

Find the pattern here! ♎




Crochet bikini Halter-top-free-pattern- Toys Lab Creations

Crochet Bikini Top by Toys Lab Creations

A must-have for any flirty Libran wardrobe, is a crochet bikin top. This free pattern is beginner-friendly and comes with a bonus video tutorial to keep you on the right track when hooking your own.

Find the pattern here! ♎




Juliette Shawl Free Pattern by Selina Veronique

Juliette Shawl by Selina Veronique

This free pattern is perfect for beginners. It’s simple, delicate and a lacy shawl – ideal for a night out or to wear for a special occasion.

Find the pattern here! ♎




crochet mesh long sleeved top pattern by crochet patterns free lisa auch

Summer Lovin’ Cover Up by A Crocheted Simplicity

Get ready for summer in style with this lightweight crochet beach cover up! The pattern is available in sizes for kids and adults. It’s the perfect way to cover up by the poolside or at the beach.

Find the pattern here! ♎




crochet mesh long sleeved top pattern by crochet patterns free lisa auch

Easy Mesh Top by Lisa Auch

Crochet some peek-a-boo with this long-sleeved mesh top. Using an open mesh crochet stitch, this simple pattern is easier to hook than it might look.

Find the pattern here! ♎




Wander Yarn 10 Pack
26 Crochet Patterns for Libras that match their personality

Crochet Patterns Symbolizing Libra’s Quest for Balance

Libras are known for their desire for balance and equilibrium in all aspects of life. In crochet, this balance can be beautifully depicted through patterns that employ symmetry and color harmony.




Baby Mermaid Tail by Lovable Loops. Dress up costume

Reversible Crochet Shawl by Fosbas Designs

Enjoy the versatility and symmetry of this multipurpose pattern. It’s reversible and can be worn in a number of ways. The pattern itself is easily adjustable too. So that you can really bring your own creative flair to the design.

Find the pattern here! ♎




Dinosaur Rattle by Chai Coffee Crochet

Quilt Block C2c Pillow by You Should Craft

Corner to corner crochet makes any project faster, once you get into the rhythm of it. Make a pretty throw pillow with a geometric design, to add some harmonious, colorful hues to your loungeroom or bedroom.

Find the pattern here! ♎




Flying Dragon Amigurumi by Honey Bunny Amigurumi

Eco Friendly Coasters by By Goldenberry

Minimalist design and sustainable yarn will attract the attention of those drawn to eco-friendly crochet projects. This is an intermediate pattern, but is suitable for adventurous beginners too.

Find the pattern here! ♎




Unicorn Tissue Box Cover by Melanie Morrison

Moonbeam Hot Water Bottle Cover by Jeras Jamboree

Combining front post and braided cable stitches, the Moonbeam crochet hot water bottle cover will keep your hot water bottle snug and showcase your crochet skills.

Find the pattern here! ♎




Unicorn Tissue Box Cover by Melanie Morrison

Popcorn Wall Hanging by The Country Willows

Sit down and chill out, enjoying the blissful calm this gorgeous wall hanging will bring. Like a yarn waterfall for your wall, it’s also a fun project to make or would be gratefully received as a gift.

Find the pattern here! ♎



Furls x Lolabean Synergy Yarn Collection
26 Crochet Patterns for Libras

Intelligent Patterns for Logical Librans

The following patterns offer a creative outlet for Libras to express their intellect through crochet. Libras are often known for their intelligence and analytical thinking. Discover how to combine intricate stitch patterns and thoughtful design to create crochet pieces that not only showcase your intelligence but also exude elegance.




Whatever Sweater Adult Version by Blackstone Designs

Whatever Sweater Adult Size by Blackstone Designs

Find both the adult and child sized patterns for this fully customizable sweater pattern. Add pockets, adjust the length, choose your sleeve length, make a cardigan instead – whatever you want!

Find the pattern here! ♎




DIY braided chunky headband by Lisa Auch Crochet

Braided Chunky Headband by Lisa Auch Crochet

Channel your inner Viking or Celt, to crochet this ear warmer with 3 braided strands. It looks like a plait, but isn’t too difficult to make. Although the written pattern is easy to follow, there’s a video tutorial to help visual learners enjoy this free pattern too.

Find the pattern here! ♎




Fiery Opal Shawl by Yarn Andy

Fiery Opal Shawl by Yarn Andy

With harmony, symmetry and an advanced skill level required, analytical Librans will enjoy this shawl pattern, as well as experience gratification each time they look at the completed project! It’s a true work of art.

Find the pattern here! ♎




Mosaic Mug Rug by My Crochet Space

Mosaic Mug Rug by My Crochet Space

Add some elegance and style to your home interior with color accents. Mug rugs are a terrific way to do this. And if you like a challenge in your crochet, you’ve found it in this mosaic pattern. It’s quick, yet it’s technical.

Find the pattern here! ♎

Dandelion Field Beanie by With Alex

Dandelion Field Beanie by With Alex

Crochet a cozy hat with this free pattern that uses the dandelion stitch. It looks convincingly knitted – but its definitely crocheted! An intermediate pattern, this beanie will be as fun to make as it is to wear!

Find the pattern here! ♎




Ebony Anti-Roll Hook Trays

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Crochet Patterns for the Fashionable Libran

Fashion-conscious Libras can express their style and personality through crochet patterns for wearables! Libras have an eye for beauty and a deep appreciation for aesthetics. These accesory patterns celebrate the Libran love for all things beautiful. Keep scrolling to craft stylish, and fashion-forward creations.



Lancaster Ruana Poncho Shawl by Stitch and Hustle

Lancaster Ruana Scarf Poncho by Stitch and Hustle

Have you crocheted a ruana yet? They’re so versatile and a fun addition to your wardrobe! It’s a poncho, shawl and scarf all in one. And if you love the attention, make sure to crochet yours in bold, bright colors.

Find the pattern here! ♎

Fly away Super Scarf crochet pattern

Fly Away Super Scarf by Green Fox Farms Designs

You’ll stand out in a crowd wearing this super long scarf. It’ll become a mindless make in no time, only changing between two colors to create big, bold blocks. It’s a c2c pattern too, which additionally makes it a quick project for you to hook.

Find the pattern here! ♎




Crochet Sweater Scarf by Wilmade

Sleeved Sweater Scarf by Wilmade

This incredibly popular pattern is loads of fun to put on and even more fun for extroverts, as you’ll be constantly stopped by people wanting to know more about it! It’s a wrap scarf – with sleeves.

Find the pattern here! ♎




Nantucket Granny Square Hat by A Box of Twine

Granny Square Bucket Hat by A Box of Twine

The individual steps to craft your very own granny square bucket hat, are very easy. Easier than you’d imagine to fashion such an eye-catching adornment! Go vintage and extraordinary, with this quick and practical project.

Find the pattern here! ♎




Crochet Sweater Scarf by Wilmade

Granny’s Festival Belt Pouch by Green Fox Farms Designs

THE stylish, hands-free solution for carrying your essentials at festivals and more! Choose your favorite colors and embrace the charm of granny squares while making this versatile hip pouch.

Find the pattern here! ♎

Instant Gratification: Crochet Patterns for Impatient Librans

Patience may not always be a strong suit for Libras, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the world of crochet. In this section, we’ll explore crochet patterns designed specifically for Librans with an impatient streak. Discover quick and easy projects that cater to Libras’ need for immediate results while still satisfying their desire for creativity and self-expression.




Bobble Baskets by Juniper and Oakes Free Crochet Patterns

Hopscotch Dishcloth by Green Fox Farms Designs

Quick, easy and interesting are the words that come to mind for this free pattern. Use your square as a face cloth or dish cloth – or create a stack to make a beautiful blanket.

There’s also a gorgeous Hopscotch iPad and Book Sleeve Cover Pattern available using this same stitch!

Find the pattern here! ♎




Lacy Shawl by Sandra Stitches

Elephant Amigurumi Keychain by Mariskavos

Here’s a satisfyingly quick pattern for beginners to crochet a cute elephant keychain! It’s easy, there’s plenty of step-by-step instructions and you’ll finish with your very own symbol of luck – that’s cute to boot – or should I say Trunk!

Find the pattern here! ♎




Lacy Shawl by Sandra Stitches

Lacy Crochet Shawl by Sandra Stitches

You’ve got to love a mindless make project! Plus you’ll learn a new stitch to create this beautiful shawl. With all that lacey space, it’s quick to hook and looks great as an extra layer over almost any outfit.

Find the pattern here! ♎




Furls x Lolabean Synergy Yarn Collection
Floral Illusions Blanket by Kim Guzman of Make it Crochet

Sweet Stripes Sunglasses Case by Green Fox Farms Designs

Practical, customizable and perfectly giftable – this is a quick project you’ll find you’ll make plenty of! Dive into your stash and get crafting for Christmas, future birthdays and even market stalls.

Find the pattern here! ♎

The Burst Coaster by First The Coffee

The Burst Coaster by First the Coffee

Crocheting in the round can be so much fun. It’s like your project appears from nowhere once you get a rhythm up! And these satisfyingly symmetrical coasters will appeal to several of your Libran traits.

Find the pattern here! ♎

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Crochet Patterns for Libras Personality Traits

So, you’re a Libra with a passion for crochet? Crochet is not just a hobby; it’s a canvas for your Libra personality to shine. By selecting patterns that align with your unique traits, you can infuse your crochet projects with a touch of Libran magic.

As a Libra, you bring your innate sense of balance and beauty into the world of crochet, adding a unique flair to each creation. Let your intelligence and charm flow through your hooks as you craft pieces that reflect your Libra spirit.

So, whether you’re a Libra looking to make the most of your time and creativity, or simply someone intrigued by the fusion of astrology and art, these crochet patterns for Libras provide a superb starting point!

Happy hooking, Libras!

💜 Lisa

Join with us on this creative journey of the zodiac, as we weave together the threads of

crochet and astrology to discover patterns that speak to your own astrological sign.

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Who else can’t wait to get crocheting? I hope you have found the perfect crochet patterns for Libras that you can’t wait to make to keep your hands busy! Thanks for reading! I would love to know which of these patterns you’re going to make first! Let me know in the comments! If you enjoyed this post and you want to help me to continue to offer Free Crochet Patterns (<– find them here), please share my Blog Post with your crafty friends and subscribe to my VIP List! You can easily share using the social media buttons below the post! Thank you so much for your support!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave a comment on the blog. Please share your finished creations on Ravelry too!

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