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27 Crochet Patterns that match

Scorpio Personality Traits

Another month has passed, and here we are in November. Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of the zodiac through the art of crochet? If so… Welcome to the quirky world of crochet patterns for Scorpios! Where creativity meets the intensity of the scorpion. 🦂

Crochet patterns suited for Scorpio’s personality traits, are like intricate constellations woven into every stitch. With their passionate and determined nature, Scorpio crocheters find their creative expression in patterns that mirror their dedication and resourcefulness.

Just like Scorpios themselves, these patterns are full of passion, purpose, and loyalty. Get ready to dive into the stitches, colors, and textures that resonate with the Scorpio spirit.

Discover a stunning collection of Scorpio-inspired crochet patterns, embracing every stitch as a testament to your – or their – fierce passion and dedication. ♏

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Scorpio personality traits list

You’re NOT a 🦂 Scorpio?
Discover a whole group of patterns for your sign in the
Zodiac Series!

Purpose-Driven Crochet Ideas for Scorpios

Discover a world of purposeful creativity with crochet patterns tailored to Scorpios. These designs are for handy items, that are reusable and can be re-purposed! Craft with intent, and explore patterns that align with your inner purpose and Scorpio’s determined spirit.

Simple Heart Baskets by Hooked on Patterns

Simple Heart Baskets by Hooked On Patterns

Make the cutest heart baskets for your Valentine, or just as a declaration of love for yourself! This free pattern includes step-by-step photos to show you the way. So they make a terrific beginner project for those Scorpio crocheters who are just starting out.

Find the pattern here! ♏



Hopscotch Coffee Sleeves free crochet patterns

Hopscotch Coffee Sleeves by Green Fox Farms Designs

Using my super popular Hopscotch stitch, these coffee cozies would make a quick and easy project for all skill levels! But what’s even more exciting, is that they’ll be loved and appreciated as a gift by just about anyone! So they’re the perfect project to add to your present box, for those last-minute gifts!

Find the pattern here! ♏



Crochet bikini Halter-top-free-pattern- Toys Lab Creations

Extreme Merino Bar Stool Pads by Stitch and Hustle

Using cozy and bulky merino yarn for these bar stool covers, makes this free pattern extra special. These thick rounds are multi-purpose too. You could use them for placemats, hot pads or seat cushions! This pattern is super simple, using just chains and single crochet.

Find the pattern here! ♏



V for Veggies Produce Bag Crochet Pattern by GoldenBerry

Reusable Produce Bags by By Goldenberry

I’m THE biggest fan of reusable and eco-friendly crochet patterns, and I’m not even a Scorpio! Make your own market string bags using cotton and a crochet hook! The base of the bag is reinforced with a smaller stitch, and there’s a  drawstring to keep everything inside whilst you shop.

Find the pattern here! ♏



Coffee Beans Potholder Free Tapestry Crochet Pattern by Raffamusa

Coffee Beans Potholder by Raffamusa Designs

The 11th offering in a group of TWELVE free potholder patterns, the coffee bean potholder would look the part, in any kitchen or cafe. Practical and to be honest, a little mouth-watering, the design is created using tapestry crochet. So for those Scorpions wanting to learn a new technique – this is your pattern.

Find the pattern here! ♏



Spiral Blanket Kit by Andee Graves
A round up of stunning crochet patterns for scorpios personality traits

Crochet Patterns for Passionate Scorpios

For Scorpios, passion is the heartbeat of life. Unleash your fiery creativity with crochet patterns that mirror your intense nature. There’s designs that match your zeal, ensuring your crochet projects are as potent as you are.




Baby Mermaid Tail by Lovable Loops. Dress up costume

Sweet Stripes Wine Glass Cozy by Green Fox Farms Designs

Are you a scorpion that’s passionate about wine and crochet? Then I’m sure you’ll love this free crochet pattern, that has a wine bottle carrier pattern that matches, too! You can get as decorative or as simple as you like, with this easy pattern for advanced beginners. They’re pretty and they’re practical!

Find the pattern here! ♏



Dinosaur Rattle by Chai Coffee Crochet

That 70s Potholder by Raffamusa Designs

Retro and gorgeous! If you’re a Scorpio that’s a vintage fan, then you’re sure to want to give this pattern a go! It’s a free pattern for a double-thick hot pad, that uses the tapestry crochet technique. Did your parents have groovy wallpaper that looked something like this?

Find the pattern here! ♏



Arcades Tread Blanket by Make it crochet

Arcades Tread Blanket by Make It Crochet

This crochet blanket pattern, features a playful combination of neon colors arranged in geometric stripes, making it a fantastic choice for all ages, but especially toddlers and teens. The free pattern is not only eye-catching, but also easy to follow. There’s also tips on how to adjust to make a throw or full size blanket.

Find the pattern here! ♏



Pentagon Mandala in Memory by Divine Debris

Pentagon ‘Mandalas in Memory’ by Divine Debris

A beautiful mandala crochet pattern made with worsted weight yarn, many colors and a supportive message. This stunning free pattern is worked in the round and represents a spark of joy, in sadness. Join mandalas together for a lacy blanket, or colorful wallhanging.

Find the pattern here! ♏



Unicorn Tissue Box Cover by Melanie Morrison

Calliope Crossbody Boho Bag by Green Fox Farms Designs

Do you love the boho, hippie vibe of this drawstring bag? It’s a free pattern and totally gorgeous! You can be as artistic and creative as you like with different colors, because the pattern is straightforward and well-written, with plenty of video and photo help thrown in.

Find the pattern here! ♏



Furls x Lolabean Synergy Yarn Collection
A collection of stunning crochet patterns for scorpios personality traits

Crochet Creations for the Loyal Scorpian

Loyalty is Scorpio’s foundation, and your crochet projects should reflect this unwavering commitment. Dive into these crochet patterns for Scorpios, tailored to your loyalty, creating items that take a little longer… but you’re committed – for the long haul!



Wandering Cables Baby Blanket by Make It Crochet

Wandering Cables Baby Blanket by Make It Crochet

You have loyalty to the baby you’ll love forever, you have passion for crochet and you have dedication – to get this project finished! This crochet project requires the tenacity you’re know for. The stitches are fun and it’s a gorgeous design, but you will have to stay commited to see it completed.

Find the pattern here! ♏



Drapey Boxy Sweater Crochet Pattern by Knitting with Chopsticks<br />

Drapey Boxy Sweater by Knitting With Chopsticks

For those Scorpios who prefer simplicity in crochet, check out this easy square sweater pattern! This free crochet sweater pattern is available in inclusive sizes XS-5XL and features a minimal round collar with a simple, very loose fit.

Find the pattern here! ♏



Crochet Rainbow Granny Blanket Pattern by Raffamusa Designs(1)

Rainbow Granny Blanket by Raffamusa Designs

This rainbow blanket is creatively made of 14 different variations of the beloved granny square and the versatile granny stitch. From traditional granny squares to unique shapes like diamonds, hearts, daisies, and even geometric designs, you’ll explore a range of delightful granny stitch combinations. Beginner friendly!

Find the pattern here! ♏



Mosaic Mug Rug by My Crochet Space

The Sherbert Sweater by Divine Debris

A beautiful sweater, that uses bulky weight yarn – and a whole lot of it! Loyal Scorpios won’t have a problem sticking to it and getting this pattern finished though. And it will be oh so worth your tenacity! Plus there’s three sizes included in the free pattern S/M, L/XL & 2XL/3XL.

Find the pattern here! ♏



SS Hobo Handbag Crochet pattern by GFFD

Sweet Stripes Hobo Handbag by Green Fox Farms Designs

Craft your own crochet project bag, or use this for a day to day handbag. This fun pattern features a fab and colorful lining to create the ultimate boho handbag pattern! This bag pattern is rated intermediate due the shaping at the top of the bag. The liner also uses an intermediate stitch, of linked double crochets – but it’s easy to learn!

Find the pattern here! ♏



Dandelion Field Beanie by With Alex

Butterfly Net Hooded Shawl by Meladora’s Creations

This versatile hooded shawl crochet pattern, is suitable for both children and adults. Perfect for Scorpios who savor longer crochet projects, it uses a range of basic stitches, making it accessible for all skill levels. There’s also video tutorials included, for both left and right-handed crafters!

Find the pattern here! ♏



Paid and Free crochet patterns for scorpios personality traits
Silver Oak Streamline Wood

Find all of my printed crochet items on etsy!

Crochet Patterns for Scorpios’ Stubbornness

Scorpios are known for their unyielding determination, and the following crochet patterns celebrate that stubborn streak. Craft projects as tenacious as you are, embracing your Scorpio strength in every stitch.



Lancaster Ruana Poncho Shawl by Stitch and Hustle

Boo the Yeti Monster Amigurumi by DIY Fluffies

Boo! Don’t be scared. It’s just a super-cute Yeti Ami! Yes, he is a demanding crochet pattern, but you’re a stubborn Scorpio, so you’ll enjoy the challenge. This is an amigurumi pattern for those with intermediate skills, and it’s available in many languages!

Find the pattern here! ♏



The Gaia Cocoon Cardigan crochet pattern by Green Fox Farms Designs

Gaia Cocoon Cardigan by Green Fox Farms Designs

A rewarding crochet pattern, that’ll keep you as cozy warm hooking it, as it will, wearing it! This cardi pattern requires some more advanced techniques, so it’s recommended for intermediate crochet skills. But that won’t stop an adventurous Scorpio.

Find the pattern here! ♏



Crochet Sweater Scarf by Wilmade

Mother Earth Amigurumi Ball by Green Fox Farms Designs

Kids love balls. That’s a fact. So why not create a globe, where playtime can also become a teaching moment! This premium crochet pattern uses tapestry crochet to achieve the crisp continent outlines. There’s two patterns included too. One for a small hacky sack version, and one for a large soft ball for toddlers.

Find the pattern here! ♏



Nantucket Granny Square Hat by A Box of Twine

Vajra Infinity Scarf Tuniian Mosaic Crochet by Knitter Knotter

Full of challenge for the stubborn Scorpio! Create a reversible brioche infinity scarf with Tunisian and twisted stitches using the cro-hook technique. This divine scarf pattern is worked in the round with gradient or solid yarn, and you can adjust the size to your preference. Get detailed instructions, tips, and materials list in this tested pattern.

Find the pattern here! ♏



Scrapsadelic Groovy Cushion – Free Crochet Along Pattern by Creative Crochet Workshop

Scrapsadelic Groovy Cushion by Creative Crochet Workshop

I wasn’t sure which heading to pop this gorgeous crochet cushion pattern under, because it is sooo perfect for Scorpios personality traits, it fits under all of them! This pillow pattern will align with your passionately artistic nature, your commitment to complete, it’s a little challenging, it’s practical and resourceful in it’s use of scrap yarn. Oh yes! This is certainly a perfect crochet pattern for Scorpios!

Find the pattern here! ♏



Scorpio’s Resourceful Crochet Patterns

Resourcefulness is a Scorpio superpower, and your crochet creations should showcase this talent. Explore crochet patterns that make the most of your ingenuity, offering innovative ways to express your resourceful nature.



Resourceful book cover crochet patterns for Scorpios personality traits.

Hopscotch Book and Tablet Sleeve by Green Fox Farms Designs

Have you got a spare skein of your favorite yarn in your stash? Silly question! These crochet book cover patterns are super practical! They’re gorgeous, very versatile, make terrific gifts and they literally won’t cost the earth. It’s an easy pattern and there’s sizes to fit all types of books and electronics.

Find the pattern here! ♏



Lacy Shawl by Sandra Stitches

Seaside Beach Tote Bag by Mason Jar Yarn Designs

Love the seaside even more, with this free tote bag pattern. Craft a stylish and practical crochet beach bag that’s large enough for all your beach day needs. This fun and easy project works up quickly, and uses simple stitches. It’s generously sized, so you’ll find you use it for overnight stays and thrift store trips too!

Find the pattern here! ♏



Lacy Shawl by Sandra Stitches

Easy Flower Garland by Annie Design Crochet

This is a really fun scrap buster project, to use up all those little scraps of yarn – while at the same time beautifying your space! I think it’s got a real boho vibe and just love the idea of being able to whip up flowers on the fly. Each motif won’t take long, and I can think of plenty of friends – and daughters – that would love a floral garland as a gift!

Find the pattern here! ♏



Furls x Lolabean Synergy Yarn Collection
Easy Hexi pot holder square crochet pattern to make trivet or wall hanging or table runner too

Double Thick Hexi Hot Pad Square by Green Fox Farms Designs

Delve into your scrap yarn to crochet some hexagon ‘squares‘. Then what can you do with them? Oh wow! I’m so happy you asked! You can make a groovy wallhanging, a striking table runner, placemats, a hot pad and a pot holder! Make them all match – or not. How’s that for resourceful?

Find the pattern here! ♏



Pouch Gift Card Holder Free Crochet Pattern by Thoresby Cottage

Starry Night Pouch and Gift Card Holder by Thoresby Cottage

A multi-purpose crochet pattern for a resourceful Scorpio? Priceless! And this handy pattern just happens to be free. There’s all sorts of ideas included in the pattern post, for ways to personalize the design and ways to use this crochet pouch! Which of course, makes it the ideal gift too.

Find the pattern here! ♏



Crochet Bookmark pattern Bundle by Juniper and Oakes

Crochet Bookmark Bundle by Juniper & Oakes

A fantastic pattern bundle that includes (lucky number) 13 bookmark patterns! Each of these gorgeous bookmarks use a different stitch, so they’re really a sampler pack for beginners. You can utilize your yarn stash to make each one, plus a bookmark + good book = gift. Super resourceful!

Find the pattern here! ♏



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27 stunning crochet patterns for scorpios personality traits
So, how did I do? Which crochet patterns for Scorpios, does your inner critter lean toward? Let me know in the comments! By choosing patterns that resonate with your unique star sign’s qualities, you can infuse your crochet projects with Scorpio’s magnetic charm. How can someone not love something that You’ve created?

As a Scorpio, your strong determination and creative flair will shine through in your crochet work, giving a touch of your own personality to everything you make! Use your resourcefulness and passion to challenge yourself, for a more rewarding project. And when complete, gift it to a loved one while you start the next piece.

Whether you’re a dedicated Scorpio crocheter or on the lookout for a thoughtful gift for one, these crochet patterns have been carefully selected to honor Scorpio’s intense passion and unwavering loyalty. From intricate designs that challenge your stubborn nature to easy-to-follow patterns that offer a creative outlet, there’s a crochet project here for every passionate Scorpio to enjoy. ♏

Happy hooking, Scorpios!

💜 Lisa

Join with us on this creative journey of the zodiac, as we weave together the threads of

crochet and astrology to discover patterns that speak to your own astrological sign.

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