23 Crochet Patterns that match

Leo Personality Traits

Welcome, to a crochet journey tailored to your unique zodiac sign. As a Leo, you possess a captivating combination of confidence, creativity, and charisma. What better way to honor your celestial spirit than by discovering this collection of crochet patterns for Leos, specially curated to compliment your personality traits? ♌

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Crochet, like astrology, lets us express our inner selves. Each zodiac sign has unique traits, and certain crochet patterns complement those characteristics. When we choose patterns that match our sign, we create fun crochet projects infused with the essence of our star sign’s nature.

Crochet is great for us because it allows us to unwind, de-stress, and relax, promoting a sense calm (mostly, Haha!) and well-being. Additionally, it encourages creativity, enabling us to express ourselves through our handmade creations. Although, I realize I’m probably preaching to the converted!

So, my regal Leo friend, are you ready to scroll down through this pattern collection, tailored specifically for you? With each stitch, you’ll embody your natural leadership, embrace your boldness, and hook a project that showcases your Leo pride. I hope you’re excited to venture into these 23 Lovable Crochet Patterns for Leos.

Unleash your creative prowess, and let the crochet magic ignite your Leo spirit like never before. Get ready to crochet with passion, confidence, and boundless creativity. The world awaits your lion-hearted creations! ♌

Happy Hooking!   💜  Lisa

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Leo Zodiac Sign personality traits



You’re NOT a Leo?
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Eye-catching Patterns for the Bold & Confident Leo

Leos are known for boldness and charisma. You’re always ready to make a statement. So, why not showcase your personality with crochet patterns that turn heads? These patterns are made for you – they embody our natural confidence and help us stand out in a crowd. Be fierce!


Juniper Lace Cardigan Crochet Pattern by Desert Blossom Crafts<br />

Summer Fun Tote Basket by Green Fox Farms Designs

Bursting with bright colors of yarn, this easy-to-follow pattern combines the practicality of a basket with the convenience of a bag. The Summer tote makes the best Works-In-Progress (WIP) carry-all, is perfect for farmer’s markets and holidays and even make great home storage options! Find the pattern here! ♌




Starburst Granny Square Phone Sling by Little World of Whimsy

Starburst Granny Square Phone Sling by Little World of Whimsy

Ideal for the lion’s sunny disposition, is the bold starburst design. Both practical and cute, this free crochet pattern will safely carry your most treasured posessions. And certainly look good while doing it!
Find the pattern here!




Sweet Harmony Messy Bun Hat by Made with a Twist

Sweet Harmony Messy Bun Hat by Made with a Twist

If you use self-striping yarn, this hat takes around an hour to make up! The various stitches make it both fun to hook and interesting to look at. There’s an additional option to make a beanie instead of an open-topped hat too.  Find the pattern here!




Rainbow Bear Crochet Bear by Pink Wip

Crochet Rainbow Bear by Pink Wip

A Leo’s outgoing and expressive nature might draw them to such a colorful bear! Add your favorite stripes of color to create your own rainbow. Spread love and joy as you create a handmade gift for a child, a cherished friend, or even as a cuddly addition for your own home. This sweet toy will showcase your generosity and warmth. Find the pattern here! ♌




XOXO Granny Square Wallhanging by Simply Melanie Jane(1)

XOXO Granny Square Wallhanging by Simply Melanie Jane

Kisses and Hugs inspired this unique wall hanging. It’s really fun to discover a a really different granny square crochet pattern! Using basic stitches and suited to the advanced beginner, this free pattern can be made up, using any two of your favorite yarn colors. The more vibrant the better. Find the pattern here!

Lovable crochet patterns for leos personality traits

Confidence-Boosting Patterns for the Self-Assured Leo

Confidence is your middle name, Leo! And what better way to boost your self-assurance than with indulging in crochet patterns that promote self-care and self-expression. These pretty patterns help us celebrate ourselves and cultivate a positive mindset.




sweet stripes zipper pouches_green fox farms designs

Sweet Stripes Zipper Pouches by Green Fox Farms Designs

Make at least one each for the whole family, and then put some away in the gift box for last minute gifts. Between the 4 different sizes, they can hold almost anything! Zipper pouches can be used as purses, a make up case and pencil cases, making them wonderful for back to school ideas too!  Find the pattern here!




Radiant Crochet Bath Set – 6 Crochet Bath Patterns by the loophole fox

Radiant Crochet Bath Set by The Loophole Fox

For a birthday gift that’s utterly loved, why not consider handcrafting this gorgeous bath set? Self-care is so often at the bottom of our list of ‘things to do’. Fill a basket with other bath goodies and your Leo thoughtfulness will shine through.  Find the pattern here! ♌




Eye Mask crochet pattern by HanJan Crochet

Eye Mask by HanJan Crochet

There’s just so much artificial light to distract us in this modern age. I definitely find a sleep mask helps me and the kids get to sleep at night. We love cats too! As would many Leos 😻🦁. It would be great to include one in the self-care gift basket with the pattern above! Find the pattern here!




Self Care Polka Dot Crochet Face Pad pattern by This Pixie Creates

Polka Dot Face Pad by This Pixie Creates

Leos, here’s how to add a touch of love and care to someones day. Take your hooks and go to your yarn stash. Follow the Polka Dot Face Pad pattern to craft some very cute, brightly colored, textured discs. Buy two luxurious, natural facewash. Keep one for yourself and gift the other with some pretty pads. Perfect.  Find the pattern here! ♌️ 




Unicorn Tissue Box Cover by Melanie Morrison

Sweet Stripes Book Sleeve Pattern by Green Fox Farms Designs

Every pattern in this section would make a thoughtful gift. However, I want you to also consider making them for yourself. We ALL deserve self-care and self-love. This easy, premium pattern doesn’t take too long to make. And not only does it look after your books, it will make you feel great, just looking at your handiwork. Promise. Find the pattern here!



23 Crochet Patterns for Lovable Leos Lion Star Sign Round up for Leo


Charity Patterns for Kind-hearted Leos

Your warm-hearted and generous nature is another trait that makes you shine. Let’s channel that compassion into crochet patterns that promote acts of kindness. These patterns enable us all to use our crafting skills to make a positive impact and spread love to others. Let’s crochet with love and kindness!




Beautiful Charity Blanket by Raffamusa Designs

After only a few rows you’ll find this free blanket pattern becomes a mindless make! You’ll have the stitches memorized in no time. There’s just a little bit of color changing too, which means it’ll keep you interested. The final blanket is pretty, which means it will find a home quickly. All big wins in your zodiac sign’s book. Find the pattern here! ♌




Sweet Stripes Circle Scarf by Green Fox Farms Designs Free Crochet Pattern

Sweet Stripes Circle Scarf by Green Fox Farms Designs

An easy crochet pattern that doesn’t take long to make is a total win when you’re crafting for charity, because you can give even more! This infinity cowl ticks all the right boxes. It’s a free pattern, it will certainly be well recieved as the cooler months reach us and it’s easy to customize for just just the right fit. Find the pattern here!




Shawl Crochet Pattern HOPE Wrap by Regina P Designs

Hope Wrap by Regina P Designs

The Hope Wrap is a warm and snuggly pattern that looks great too. Wear over jeans or a dress, it is one of those garments that adds to the outfit when layering. Designed with cancer patients in mind, the stitch pattern creates a ribbon effect designed in support. There’s cute little inner pockets so that your hands can wrap this shawl around the wearer, in a hug. Find the pattern here!




Dog bone amigurumi free crochet pattern – 2 versions by Yarn Andy

Dog Bone Amigurumi by Yarn Andy

Create a safe and delightful toy for your beloved furry companion or spread some love by donating to your local shelter. You only need to know increases and invisible decreases to hook this beginner amigurumi pattern. Find the pattern here!

bjorn granny square bear amigurumi pattern

Bjorn the Granny Square Bear Lovey by Green Fox Farms Designs

This sweet bear lovey is guaranteed to become your little one’s favorite toy. With its cuddly charm, Bjorn the Bear Lovey makes for the perfect companion during bedtime or playtime! Enjoy crocheting a beloved friend that will bring comfort and joy to your child’s heart, using this easy pattern. Find the pattern here!




Lively Leos are Lovers of Crochet

Leos are known for their passion and dedication. They approach their projects with enthusiasm and a desire to make them exceptional. This fiery passion fuels their creativity and drives them to take on challenges with gusto. So it’s not unusual for a Leo crafter to have many projects on the go! Not to worry, there’s help at hand!

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Find all of my printed crochet items on etsy!


Find all of my printed crochet items on etsy!

Energetic Patterns for the Spirited Leo

Your energetic nature is what sets you apart, my spirited Leo friends! Get ready to infuse your crochet creations with the same liveliness and enthusiasm that you bring to every aspect of life! Just like your ruling planet, the Sun, you shine brightly and exude warmth and vitality, which is how you draw your friends around you.




Free Crochet Whale and Narwhal amigurumi patterns

7 Hexagon Crochet Bag by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Crafted from worsted yarn, this unique bag showcases seven gradient hexagons, each creating a mesmerizing ombre effect. With step-by-step video tutorials and helpful photos, you’ll master seamless joins using the mattress stitch technique. With this eye-catching bag Leos, you’ll definitely stand out in a crowd! Find the pattern here! ♌




Apache Tears Stitch Mosaic Mug Rug by My Crochet Space

Overlay mosaic crochet isn’t something I’ve attempted too often, but I love this Apache Tears pattern! I think Leo’s will love it too. It’s bold and striking and lends itself well to the mug rug coasters pictured. There’s a video tutorial included too! Find the pattern here!




FUN Freeze Pop Holders Free Crochet Patterns to make Animals

Fun Freeze Pop Holders by Green Fox Farms Designs

Crochet a giraffe, mermaid, shark, dino, fish and unicorn using this incredibly popular set of crochet patterns! Freeze Pop Holders don’t have to be boring. In fact, kids and adults much prefer them when they’re fun! Use bright colors and scrap yarn to make up your own from this free pattern.  Find the pattern here!




Mandala Coasters free pattern by Hooked on Patterns

Happy Scrappy Mandala Coasters  by Hooked on Patterns

Calling all Leos! Embrace your outgoing nature and vibrant personality with the decorative, free mandala coasters crochet pattern. You’ll mix colors from your stash to create coasters that truly sing to your charasmatic traits, so it’s like this pattern was designed for Leos! Find the pattern here! ♌




Crochet Patterns for Leos’ Lionhearted Pride

As Leos, you hold your heads high and take pride in your accomplishments. These crochet patterns not only embody the regal spirit of lions but also celebrate your own majestic nature.




Kindly Lion and Mouse by Jen Hayes Creations

Kindly Lion and Mouse by Jen Hayes Creations

As you might know, I’m a huge amigurumi fan, so these totally tickled me! How cute is that little mouse? And there are both a male lion and female lioness version included in this gorgeous free pattern. There’s even a story written, to tell your little ones when you give them the dolls too! Find the pattern here! ♌🦁




Lion Amigurumi pattern by DIY Fluffies Mariskavos

Lion Amigurumi pattern by DIY Fluffies Mariskavos

Create a very cute friendly lion ami for yourself or the Leo Lion in your life! If you’re new to crochet and feeling adventurous, this free pattern comes complete with a step-by-step tutorial. It uses cotton yarn so that it can be washed, but please stitch everything extra well if you’re giving this toy to a baby.  Find the pattern here! ♌🦁




Mallow Candle & Pot Cover by Crochet with Frankie

Newborn Lion Costume by Briana K Designs

What’s cuter than a lion doll? A baby! Dressed as a lion doll. Dress your littlest Leo in this super cute crochet lion costume. This adorable pattern also makes a great crochet baby shower gift. Find the pattern here!




Lion Soup Bowl Cozy by Blackstone Designs

The collection of animal soup bowl cozies was dreamed up to encourage a child to try more foods. Ingenious! I want to eat my soup from an animal bowl cozy, don’t you? This lion design in roar-some. Find the pattern here!




Wander Yarn 10 Pack

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Lovely free crochet patterns for leos personality traits

I hope you’ve loved this range of crochet patterns that are perfect for the lion-hearted and warm-hearted Leo! Determined, courageous and headstrong, Leos won’t have any issues finishing this collection of crochet patterns for Leos.

Even if you currently have something on the hook, there’s bound to be plenty here that you’ll want to add to your queue! If you’re after versatile patterns that can be tweaked and tailored to your heart’s content, you’ll find plenty of options right here.

Remember, your Leo traits can be an advantage in selecting the perfect pattern, so go ahead, and let me know which are your favorites! After all, it’s in Leo’s nature to sink your teeth in!

Join with us on this creative journey of the zodiac, as we weave together the threads of

crochet and astrology to discover patterns that speak to your own astrological sign.

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Who else is dying to get crocheting? I hope you have found the perfect crochet patterns for Leos that you can’t wait to make to keep your hands busy! Thanks for reading! I would love to know which of these patterns you’re going to make first! Let me know in the comments! If you enjoyed this post and you want to help me to continue to offer Free Crochet Patterns (<– find them here), please share my Blog Post with your crafty friends and subscribe to my VIP List! You can easily share using the social media buttons below the post! Thank you so much for your support!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave a comment on the blog. Please share your finished creations on Ravelry too!

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