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Patterns for Nature Lovers

Those who have followed my crochet blog and pattern designs over the years, would know that I believe in a magical world. One of nature, kindness, surprise and delight! I wanted to share with you a collection of crochet patterns that are practical, pretty and a little different, for those of us that are drawn in some way to the mystical part of the natural world. 

We’re not talking of darkness, potions, nor spells. I’m thinking re-usable, good for the environment, being outdoors, embracing the wild in each of us! In many ways we are all too often disconnected from the natural world that surrounds us. We throw away weeds from the garden that may actually hold high levels of nutrients if we ate them, or have medicinal properties if we understood how to use them. We stare at bright screens when our body wants to sleep. We miss the sunrise and sunset, because our bodies are out of rhythm, due to artificial light. We eat foods that aren’t in season, nor grown locally to us. We always wear shoes, so our bare feet seldom touch the raw earth. Our minds are rarely ever still.

I do see myself the irony of writing about this on the web, and you reading it on your phone or computer! However, let’s put that aside and just for now, think about all that is wonderful about the natural world and womanhood. Let’s embrace our inner Earth Mother, Witchy selves and create intentionally with our planet and the celestial in mind.

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Cast Iron Pot Holders

Keep tight hold of your cauldron, using these crochet cast iron pot holders. This free crochet pattern will stop you from burning your (green) fingers! You’ll love that they fit the pan handles well and are both quick and easy to make and clean. A must for all enchantresses of the kitchen.

Find the pattern here!

Cast Iron Handle Cover - Free Crochet Pattern - Pot Holder Pattern - Crochet Pattern - Cast Iron Cooking - Handmade Home -

Astrology Afghan

By using the positions of the planets, Astrology is an imaginary belt around the sky that holds us at the time we are born. Many believe that our Star Sign provides insight into how we carry out our lives. This free crochet pattern for a Zodiac Afghan Blanket by Blackstone Designs will warmly hold you, in a similar way.

Find the pattern here!

Flower Motif Coasters

These crocheted mandala coasters by Annie Design Crochet are made from a free pattern and can be used to protect your table – without the use of any spells. You could also sew onto fabric items as patches or hang a bunch from a main string to create a beautiful garland for decoration! So pretty!

Find the pattern here!

Sweet Stripes Coasters - Crochet Pattern for Adorable Round Coasters - Perfect for drinks or as small plant rugs - Free Crochet Pattern from

Sleepy Mandala Dreamcatcher

As calming as the process of crochet is, just think what happens when you add crystals to the mix! I thought that this dream catcher, or, “Sleepy Mandala” pattern by Jan of The Crafty Therapist, might provide both some restful craft time accompanied by a magical night’s sleep. Something I believe we all aspire to.

Find the pattern here!



Sweet Stripes Coasters - Crochet Pattern for Adorable Round Coasters - Perfect for drinks or as small plant rugs - Free Crochet Pattern from

Sweet Stripes Book Sleeve

Carefully wrap your Book of Shadows – or journal – with this handmade book cover that you can crochet yourself! No matter the size of your hand-penned tome, there’s a size included in the pattern to suit, along with instruction to add a padded layer for extra protection.

Find the pattern here!



Cute Mushroom Mug Rug

Any witch worth her salt is a mushroom lover. Do you adore crocheted toadstools too? And this mushie pattern is practical! Steep a herbal brew in your fave earthenware teapot and pour strained contents into a handthrown mug. Then to protect your wooden furniture, pop a crochet mug rug under the cup, designed by the talented Divine Debris!

Find the pattern here!

Star Flower Bookmark

The stars above are an ever-lasting reminder to take things slow. Their sparkling glow takes millions of light years to reach our eyes. So a crocheted star-shaped bookmark by Craft Bits is the perfect way to hold place in our most recent read, when before bed we can let go of the day and invite calm to our busy brains.

Find the pattern here!

Sweet Stripes Hanging Baskets

Every wise-woman knows how easy it is to grow fresh herbs at home and how many uses there are for them! Food and flavoring, teas and tinctures – herbs have many uses and it’s so easy to use them! Create your own hanging herb garden using this free hanging basket crochet pattern, to house your basil, rosemary, oregano, parsley and thyme!

Find the pattern here!

Lucet Fork

Tree Sprout Amigurumi

Plant-based and ever so cute is the little Tree Sprout amigurumi by Anvi’s Granny. This sweet crochet doll would be a lovely addition to your magical alter, gift for that plant-loving friend or make a great cuddle mate on the couch. Tree Sprout is another gorgeous free crochet pattern.

Find the pattern here!

Sweet Stripes Plant Cozy and Hangers Crochet Pattern - Easy Crochet Pattern - Cute home decor - Crochet Plant Hanger - Boho Home Decor Planter Cozy - Crochet Home Decor Patterns from

Little Tree Family

If you want to see people smile and their eyes light up, then you’ll want to crochet this amigurumi tree family by Roxy Crochet, and pop them somewhere prominent at home. I mean, how could anyone ignore their cuteness? Their big eyes, canopy of hair (hats?) and leaf bags are so sweet!

Find the pattern here!



Sweet Stripes Plant Cozy and Hangers Crochet Pattern - Easy Crochet Pattern - Cute home decor - Crochet Plant Hanger - Boho Home Decor Planter Cozy - Crochet Home Decor Patterns from

Fly Agaric Mushroom

Mushrooms and Toadstools and Fungi – Oh my! There’s just something about these little fruiting bodies that feels very alien and magical to me. The Fly Agaric is often the most recreated in crafts, I think due to its bright colors. Although, feel free to crochet yours using odds and ends from your yarn stash, because mushrooms actually come in many different colors! Another amazing pattern by Roxy Crochet.

Find the pattern here!

Jupiter Streamline Galaxy

Amigurumi 5 pointed Star

This stash-busting project by Lisa Auch Crochet doubles as a quick handmade gift that you can give to just about anyone! A teacher This free crochet pattern is to create a small amigurumi 5 pointed star to then use as a plushie, keyring or mobile! Or as seen in the picture, you could hook a few to make a celestial mobile. If you’re a sparkly person, then stars might be your favorite symbol to add decoration around your home. 

Find the pattern here!



Crystal Ball Granny Square

The Seer’s ball – made of crystal and globe shaped – can see into the future and other realms for those who know how to use it. Although this one would actually be crocheted with yarn! The crystal ball granny square pattern is just one of a whole series of other-worldly granny square patterns by Raffamusa Designs. 

Find the pattern here!



Sweet Stripes Hobo Handbag

The Sweet Stripes Hobo Bag will be your new favorite purse, seemingly bottomless to hold all sorts of wonders! This fully lined, crocheted bag pattern makes a generously sized purse, which can hold all of your essentials on the go, or it doubles as a project bag for taking your crochet projects with you on your travels.

Find the pattern here!

Wilderness Cape

Written in 7 sizes, the wilderness cape pattern by Dora Does would be ideal to crochet for those chillier days that you go out for a nature walk in the woods. Imagine gathering flowers or foraging mushrooms with your basket in hand and hood pulled up. Sounds fantastically magical doesn’t it?

Find the pattern here!

Silver Oak Streamline Wood

Gaia Cocoon Cardigan

What a beautiful way to relax and get cozy, with a crochet hook, yarn and steeping hot tea by the fireside. The Gaia Cocoon Cardigan speaks to this. The sleeves keep out of the way when crafting, the back covers your rear and the crochet stitch is so pretty! This crochet pattern makes the perfect extra layer to wear through Fall.

Find the pattern here!




Webbed Lace Collar

I’m in love with this crochet webbed collar pattern by Days Crochet and Knit. It has such a light and vintage look to it, with a little magic added. The perfect overlay for an entirely black outfit – to garner a little attention from passersby! I would add the spider and wear it out for Halloween too. 

Find the pattern here!



Sweet Stripes Gift Bags Crochet Pattern. Create your own Colorful Red and Green Gift Bags tied with ribbon. Give a gift in a pretty gift bag handmade by you with the Easy Crochet Pattern! Crochet Pattern designed by

Puffy Moon Wall Hanging

How better to say ‘I love you to the moon and back’? Than with gifting a beautiful crochet Moon and Star wall-hanging by Memory Lane Crochet? It would look gorgeous on your bedroom wall or as nursery decor. Who knows what you might get, when you lay back at night to Witch upon a star.

Find the pattern here!



Sweet Stripes Zipper Pouches

Protect your smudge sticks, tarot cards, essential oils and crystals with the exact sized zipper pouch you need! Select from the 4 sizes included in this crochet pattern, which is constructed with a double layer, to protect your favorite possessions!!

Find the pattern here!



Crocheted Campfire

You can enjoy an open fire at any time of the year, when you’ve used this free crochet pattern to craft your own campfire by Coastal Crochet! There’s logs, flames, stones, sticks and even marshmallows included! An amigurumi fire can harmlessly be played with too, if you’re willing to share your creation with the kids.

Find the pattern here!

Crystal Ball Candy Dish

Now here’s a treat! Did you ever go to your Grandparent’s house and go straight to their candy jar? Let’s turn things around. If you’re the grandparent and your grandkids are coming to visit – where can you hide your candy? This free pattern to crochet a sneaky crystal ball bowl by Blackstone Designs might be just what you’re looking for!

Find the pattern here!

Ember the Phoenix

What’s a wonderful life without a little magic? Including magical creatures! This beautiful Phoenix is cleverly named Ember and his crochet pattern comes to you completely free from Hooked by Kati. There’s so much to love about this firebird. His tail is extraordinary, his wings are impressive, and his eyebrows are a delight!

Find the pattern here!

Crochet Foundry - October 2022 ISSUE

Candle Jar Covers

Candles change the mood of an evening. Don’t you ever feel like something magical is about to happen when there’s a blackout and you light the candles? Well, you’ll want to enjoy candlelight more often once you’ve made a few jar covers using this gorgeous free crochet pattern by by Ólöf Lilja of Fondrari of Life and Soul.

Find the pattern here!




Goat Soup Bowl Cozy

Well here’s something I bet you never knew you wanted, until now! A fab and unique goat crochet soup bowl cozy, designed by Blackstone Designs! With a nod to the Greek goat-god of the wild; Pan, or Mr Tumnus from Narnia! Just look at those delightful horns! Protect your hands from the hot bowl plus keep your soup warmer, all the way to the bottom of the dish.

Find the pattern here!

Black Cat Table Runner

Are you a cat lover? Me too! I believe I have achieved official crazy cat lady status with my 4 mystical feline beauties at home. You may want to celebrate your puss by crocheting this black cat table runner by Handmade by Raine, which will definitely catch the eye of all who visit. It would make a fantastic Halloween decoration too! I just love the motion in the tail and the sweet tip of it’s head. Adorable.

Find the pattern here!



Mother Earth Amigurumi Ball

My Mother Earth Amigurumi Ball Pattern was made for nature lovers! Make the larger double strandd worsted weight version for your favorite small person and add a jingle ball or rattle for extra playtime fun! Or make the fingering weight version for an amazing hackysack for your teen or tween to play with. You can even make a super bulky version out of blanket yarn for an amazing mother earth pillow!

Find the pattern here!

Goodies for Yarn Goddesses

The triple moon design, made out of yarn, is available on t-shirts, stickers and notion tins! Add text saying Yarn Goddess, Crochet Goddess or Knit Goddess for the perfect gift for yourself of enlightened loved one.

Want more yarn magic? Is your crochet hook or knitting needles, just like a magic wand? With just a stick and a ball of yarn, you can make things appear that weren’t already there? Then these stickers are for you!

Yarn is Calling

Our new the Yarn is Calling and I must go design is the perfect way to show the world you love the outdoors and yarn! Crochet is more than a hobby – it’s a life choice! And when the Yarn is Calling, you must go – buy some more or knit some more, maybe a little of both? 


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Who else is ready to get crocheting? I hope you have found the perfect pattern or two that you can’t wait to make to keep your hands busy making all the magical flower and plant themed crochet projects!

If you enjoyed this selection of patterns for the magical and mystical woman, guess what? I’ll be producing a round-up of suitable patterns for each of the Astrological signs each month! So make sure to check back in and tell all your crocheting friends!

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