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Zodiac Crochet Pattern Post Round UP!

Crochet According to Your Star Sign.

As we wrap up another year of creativity, it’s time to go through the best crochet patterns for you – as inspired by the stars. ✨ For the past year, we’ve matched personality traits to unique crochet designs for each zodiac sign.

In this roundup, I’ve gathered personality traits for every sign and have documented them in one place for you. From an adventurous Aries, a practical Virgo, or a dreamy Pisces, there’s a crochet collation that’s perfect for you.

Join me as we revisit the astrological posts of the past year, highlighting the unique qualities of each zodiac sign that captured the spirit of the month. From vibrant and bold designs to delicate and intricate creations, our journey through the stars has been nothing short of magical.

So, grab your yarn and hook, and let’s reminisce about a year of creative inspiration and the joy of crafting. This roundup is a celebration of the threads that connect us to the cosmos. Let’s unravel the stars together!

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crochet patterns for Capricorn traits


[Dec 22 – Jan 19. Earth Sign. Symbol: Goat Fish]

The year began with Capricorn, and 25 crochet patterns were grouped like this.

Crochet patterns for useful, long-lasting gifts

Ambitious, yet achievable crochet patterns

Vintage and classic crochet patterns

Practical and decorative at the same time

Keep the Capricorn crocheter organized

Are you a Capricorn?

Find the 25 Crochet Patterns for Capricorn ♑🐐

Capricorn Streamline Zodiac


[Jan 20 – Feb 18. Air Sign. Symbol: Water Bearer]

The grouping of suggested crochet patterns for Aquarius, looked like this:

Free Form crochet pattern ideas

Unconventional crochet patterns

Altruism and giving are Aquarian traits

Learn new skills within a short crochet project

Aquarius is the Water Bearer

Are you an Aquarius?

Find the 17 Crochet Patterns for Aquarius ♒🏺

crochet patterns for Aquarius traits
crochet patterns for Pisces traits


[Feb 18 – Mar 20. Water Sign. Symbol: Two Fish]

The collection of 17 suggested crochet patterns for Pisces, were divided like this:

Sensitive Pisces, Love a Delicate Crochet Pattern
The Artistic Water Sign
Pisces Crocheters are Dreamers
The Creative, Adventurous and Artistic Zodiac Sign
Hearts and Flowers for this Romantic Sign

Are you a Pisces?

Find the 17 Crochet Patterns for Pisces ♓🐟


[March 21 – Apr 19. Fire Sign. Symbol: Ram]

Officially known as the first sign of the zodiac, the 15 crochet patterns for Aries, looked like this:

Advanced Crochet Patterns for Aries

Unleashing Aries Energy Through Yarn

Project Patterns for Funny Folk (or Humorous Humans)

Big Projects, Big Rewards

Are you an Aries?

Find the 15 Crochet Patterns for Aries ♈🐏

crochet patterns for Aries
Streamline Aries Zodiac Crochet Hook in wooden block by Furls
crochet patterns for Taurus traits


[Apr 20 – May 21. Earth Sign. Symbol: Bull]

The grouping of 25 terrific crochet patterns for Taurus, looked like this:

The Practical Taurus Crocheter

The Reliable Taurus Crocheter

The Artistic Taurus Crocheter

The Sensuous Taurus Crocheter

The Stable Taurus Crocheter

Are you a Taurus?

Find the 25 Crochet Patterns for Taurus ♉🐂

Streamline Furls Taurus Zodiac Crochet Hook


[May 21 – Jun 21. Air Sign. Symbol: Twins]

The crochet patterns for Geminis were divided up like this:

Versatile Patterns for the Adaptable Gemini

Creative and Unique Patterns for the Imaginative Gemini

Adaptable Amigurumi Patterns for the Playful Gemini

Unpredictable Geminis

Twin aspect of this zodiac sign

Multitasking Patterns for the Busy Gemini

Challenging Patterns for the Determined Gemini

Are you a Gemini?

Find the 23 Crochet Patterns for Gemini ♊👯

Gemini Personality Traits list
Gemini Streamline Zodiac
Clever Crochet Patterns for Cancerians personality traits


[Jun 21 – July 23. Water Sign. Symbol: Crab]

The grouping of 27 clever crochet patterns for Cancer, looked like this:

Emotional Sensitivity

Cancerian Creativity

Nurturing Nature

Intuitive Homebodies

Crustacean Water Sign

Are you a Cancerian?

Find the 27 Crochet Patterns for Cancerians♋🦀


[July 23 – Aug 23. Fire Sign. Symbol: Lion]

The crochet patterns for Leos were divided up like this:

Eye-catching Patterns for the Bold & Confident Leo

Confidence-Boosting Patterns for the Self-Assured Leo

Charity Patterns for Kind-hearted Leos

Lively Leos are Lovers of Crochet

Energetic Patterns for the Spirited Leo

Crochet Patterns for Leos’ Lionhearted Pride

Are you a Leo?

Find the 23 Crochet Patterns for Leos ♌🦁

Leo Zodiac Sign personality traits
Star Sign Virgos Zodiac Sign personality traits


[Aug 23 – Sep 23. Earth Sign. Symbol: The Maiden]

I divided the selection of crochet patterns for Virgo’s personality traits, like this:

Crochet Patterns for Virgo: The Perfectionist

Stay Tidy and Organized

Keep Kind and Crochet

Versatility with Creativity

Patterns Virgo Will Love to Customize

Are you a Virgo?

Find the 21 Crochet Patterns for Virgos♍👧


[Sep 23 – Oct 23. Air Sign. Symbol: Scales]

Here’s how I grouped the crochet patterns for Librans, like this:

Crochet Patterns for Libras with a Flirtatious Flair

Crochet Patterns Symbolizing Libra’s Quest for Balance

Intelligent Patterns for Logical Librans

Crochet Patterns for the Fashionable Libran

Instant Gratification: Crochet Patterns for Impatient Librans

Are you a Libra?

Find the 26 Crochet Patterns for Librans ♎⚖️

crochet patterns for Libras according to Libra Personality Traits
Scorpio personality traits list


[Oct 23 – Nov 22. Water Sign. Symbol: Scorpion]

I divided the selection of crochet patterns for Scorpio’s personality traits, like this:

Purpose-Driven Crochet Ideas for Scorpios

Crochet Patterns for Passionate Scorpios

Crochet Creations for the Loyal Scorpian

Crochet Patterns for Scorpios’ Stubbornness

Scorpio’s Resourceful Crochet Patterns

Are you a Scorpio?

Find the 27 Crochet Patterns for Scorpios ♏🦂


[Nov 22 – Dec 22. Fire Sign. Symbol: Archer]

The collection of 30 suggested crochet patterns for Sagittarius, were divided like this:

The Fearless Archer

Wanderlust and Portable Projects

Optimism and Colorful Creations

Spontaneity Unleashed – Crochet on a Whim

Crochet Patterns for Quick Projects

Are you a Sagittarian? Like me?!! 😁

Find the 30 Crochet Patterns for Sagittarius ♐🏹

List of Sagittarius Personality Traits. Zodiac Star Sign

So there you have it y’all! Our year-long crochet journey through the zodiac signs has been nothing short of amazing. From Charming Capricorn to Spirited Sagittarius, each month brought us unique patterns chosen for the personality traits of every astrological constellation.

As you take a final scroll through this roundup, reflect on the personality-packed patterns we’ve uncovered together. Which were your favorite? Did they ring true? Were you attracted to the crochet pattern round up of your own star sign?

This roundup isn’t just a look back; it’s an open invitation to explore patterns that resonate with your own zodiac sign. Share the crafty love with your loved ones—pick patterns that match their zodiac too. Let this collection be the inspiration for your next crochet project, connecting you to the stars and the wonderful creations we’ve made this past year.

Happy Hooking,

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