Top 10 Patterns of 2020

Writing the “Top *anything* of 2020” feels like an oxymoron, but stick with me! We could dwell on the negatives yes, but instead let’s focus on the yarn, I mean positives, well they’re one and the same I guess! Instagram has it’s top 9, well here are your Top 10! The 10 pattern posts from 2020 that y’all gave the most love to – in the form of visits! Thank you my wonderful readers! Let’s take a walk down memory lane an revisit the favorites of the year past and maybe find some new favorites too! 

Just so no one’s feelings get hurt and no on gets left out, I have also included the Top 5 Fan Fave patterns of 2020 at the end of the post! These babies are patterns that were written and published prior to 2020 that y’all continue to shower with your love and devotion! They are a bit spoiled and full of themselves, but we love these patterns dearly nonetheless! So make sure you take a peek and give a little wave or acknowledgment so nobody gets cranky! 😉 

Sweet Stripes Ornament Pattern will help you create Beautiful colorful crocheted Christmas Baubles to decorate your tree this holiday season! Crochet your own Christmas Decorations with the quick and easy crochet pattern! Christmas Ornament crochet tutorial shows you how to make a crochet ornament for your Christmas tree! Crochet Pattern by

10. Sweet Stripes Ornament Pattern!

Coming in at number 10 is the Sweet Stripes Ornament Pattern! Quick and easy to make, this is perfect pattern for gifting, decorating your tree in your favorite colors, or selling at holiday markets! Find the pattern here!


9. Gourd-geous Pumpkins Free Pattern!

Coming in at number 9 is the Gourd-geous Pumpkins Free Pattern! This fun fall pattern is full of options for customizing your pumpkins by size, shape, color, and embellishing them how you love best! Perfect for decorating and gifting! Find the pattern here!

8. Sweet Stripes Ear Warmer Pattern!

Coming in at number 8 is the Sweet Stripes Ear Warmer Pattern! One of my most favorite fall accessories! This pattern is so quick to make, and with 3 sizes to chooose from you can make one for everyone on your list! Find the pattern here!

Sweet Stripes Coasters - Crochet Pattern for Adorable Round Coasters - Perfect for drinks or as small plant rugs - Free Crochet Pattern from

7. Sweet Stripes Coasters Free Pattern!

Coming in at number 7 is the Sweet Stripes Coasters Pattern! What’s not to love about this fun summer pattern? So fast and easy to make, with 3 different edging options you have the perfect pattern for gifting or selling at markets! Works great for absorbing coffee spills too!! Don’t ask me how I know that… 🙈  Find the pattern here!

Sweet Stripes Plant Cozy and Hangers Crochet Pattern - Easy Crochet Pattern - Cute home decor - Crochet Plant Hanger - Boho Home Decor Planter Cozy - Crochet Home Decor Patterns from


6. Sweet Stripes Hanging Planter and Cozy Pattern!

Coming in at number 6 is the Sweet Stripes Hanging Planter and Cozy Pattern! Because plant babies deserve love too! This fun pattern is perfect for your favorite plant lover or a gift for yourself! Comes with 2 sizes and hanging planter instructions too! Find the pattern here!

5. Fly Away Super Scarf!

Coming in at number 5 is the Fly Away Super Scarf! My nod to the fashion forward oversized scarf trend inspired by Lenny Kravitz. This scarf is incredibly cozy, and works up quickly with bulky yarn, though you can easily make it with a lighter yarn and get a smaller scarf in the process! Find the pattern here!

4. Hometown Holiday Baskets Pattern!

Coming in at number 4 is the Hometown Holiday Baskets Pattern. These festive baskets are decorative and functional, and perfect for decorating all winter long! They work up quickly with super bulky yarn and are a fun introduction to tapestry crochet and colorwork! Find the pattern here!

Sweet Stripes Gift Bags Crochet Pattern. Create your own Colorful Red and Green Gift Bags tied with ribbon. Give a gift in a pretty gift bag handmade by you with the Easy Crochet Pattern! Crochet Pattern designed by

3. Sweet Stripes Gift Bags Pattern!

Coming in at number 3 is the Sweet Stripes Gift Bags Pattern. This might be my favorite pattern this year but shhh… don’t tell the others! 😉  With 4 sizes to choose from, this bag is great for wrapping and re-wrapping almost any gift, no matter the shape! Plus you can give the bag as a gift too! Find the pattern here!

2. Buffalo Plaid Basket Pattern!

Coming in at number 2 is the Buffalo Plaid Basket Pattern! Versatile home decor for the win! This one is bigger than the holiday baskets, and still works up quickly with super bulky yarn. I love that you can match any season or decor just by adjusting your colors. So many possibilities! Find the pattern here!

Gaia Pocket Shawl Crochet Pattern -

1. Gaia Pocket Shawl Pattern!

Coming in at number 1 is the Gaia Pocket Shawl! I’m honestly not surprised, with the popularity of pocket shawls this year and I am biased, but I think it’s such a pretty and useful pattern! I wear mine all. the. time! And hello! Pockets??? YESSSS! You had me at pockets… and cozy! Find the pattern here!

So that’s the Top 10 Patterns from 2020 chosen by you fabulous crocheting humans! Now I’m dying to break out my hook and get crocheting, and I hope you are too! My fave part of browsing Pattern roundups, Etsy or Pinterest is getting inspired to creaate new and amazing things with my hook and yarn! Which of these patterns is your favorite? Which did you make in 2020? Which would you like to make next? Tell me in comments!


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 What about the Fan Favorites?

What about the fan faves? I couldn’t leave those out now could I? What would a best of post be without giving some love to those patterns that get loved year after year?

So without further ado, here are the 5 most visited pattern posts from 2020, that were not published in 2020, but you amazing yarn artists continued to give your love to these patterns nonetheless in 2020. Introducing the veterans!



Farmers Market Veggies - Amigurumi Pattern - Crochet Veggies Pattern - Amigurumi Vegetables - Crochet Pattern -

5. Farmers Market Veggies Pattern!

Fan Fave Pattern number 5 is the Famers Market Veggies Pattern! This amigurumi pattern set is so much fun to create! With 9 vegetables to make and a basket to hold them they are fun for kids to play with and beautiful to display! You will learn some new techniques to create this fun set of amigurumi vegetables! I was originally inspired to create this fun set for my youngest son who would play for hours in his little kitchen and also loved to “help” me in our vegetable garden! So I created this set so he could grow his own veggies and cook them to his heart’s content! Find the pattern here!

 4. Cast Iron Pot Holders Free Pattern!

Fave Fave Pattern number 4 is the Cast Iron Pot Holders Pattern! I love that so many of y’all use cast iron pans for cooking too! I have been using them for as long as I can remember and absoutely love them! They do get hot though, and my husband kept burning our other handle covers that had a large opening and hung down near the burner! So frustrating and dangerous! So I was determined to create a cover that fit the handle perfectly and protected the user’s hands too! Of couse we need a pot holder for the other side too, so this wonderful set was born and we are still using them to this day with ZERO burns I am thrilled to report! Find the pattern here!

Cast Iron Handle Cover - Free Crochet Pattern - Pot Holder Pattern - Crochet Pattern - Cast Iron Cooking - Handmade Home -
DC Dice Bag - Free Crochet Pattern - Drawstring Bag - Easy Crochet Pattern - Dice bag - Beginner Crochet -

3. DC Dice Bag and Tray Free Pattern

Fan Fave Pattern number 3 is the DC Dice Bag and Tray. I’ve honestly been blown away by how much love this pattern has gotten! I created this dice bag as a simple way to store our many dice games and for my oldest son’s D&D dice, and wanted a way that my wild kids could shake dice without them flying off the table every. single. roll.  🙄  You know what I’m talking about! This pattern is quick, easy, and very popular! It comes with 2 sizes because sometimes you need a larger rolling area, and sometimes you need to take up less real estate on the table! We use ours all the time and I am so thrilled that y’all find this pattern as useful as we do! Find the pattern here!

2. FUN Freeze Pop Holders Free Pattern

Fan Fave Pattern number 2 is the FUN Freeze Pop Holders! Honestly this is one of the most fun patterns I have created and they were a huge hit with my kids. So now you know where the name came from! These were inspired by my kids near continual consuption of ice pops during the summer, and they would grab a napkin or a crocheted dish cloth to hold them and then leave it where it lay outside or wherever! So I had to step in and create a freeze pop holder pattern, of course! And why not make their fave animals while I was at it? So this FUN pattern includes instructions to create a giraffe, dinosaur, unicorn, shark, mermaid, and clownfish freeze pop holder! Find the pattern here!

1. Tiny Dinosaur Amigurumi Free Pattern

Fan Fave Pattern number 1 is the Tiny Dino Amigurumi! What’s not to love? He’s a giant made in miniature, he’s adorable and fun to play with, and quick and easy to make! I’ve always had a fascination with dinosaurs, and I LOVE that some of your Tiny Dino projects on Ravelry have made mods like adding plates or wings to turn this cutie into one of my other fave creatures – a dragon! What’s even more amazing than creating a pattern people love? Creating a pattern that acts as a catalyst and inspires people to get creative and really make it their own or even something new, that’s what! So please keep making Tiny Dinos and sharing them with us because they are all as amazing as all of you! Find the pattern here!



I hope you enjoyed the Top 10 Patterns of 2020, chosen by by you! Thanks so much for reading! I’d love to see which patterns you have made and which are your favorites! Tag your makes using #greenfoxfarms and #greenfoxfarmsdesigns so see all of your stunning creations!

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