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Top 10 Patterns of 2022

I had a blast writing up the best of posts for the last couple years, so now this is “officially” an annual thing and also taking this as an opportunity to better server you (my fabulous hookers) by taking stock of what y’all loved best last year. No need to thank me… 😜  The Top Patterns of 2022 that y’all gave the most love to – in the form of visits! Thanks to you, my amazing yarn loving readers! Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane (there’s yarn!) and revisit the favorites of the year past and maybe find some new favorites too! 

And I have also included the Top 5 Fan Fave patterns of 2022 at the end of the post! These patterns are the ones that were written and published prior to 2022 that continue to be favorites with y’all, year after year in fact! To be fair, these patterns may be a bit spoiled and full of themselves, but I mean can we really blame them?? So make sure you read until the end so you don’t miss out on the Fan Faves at the end of the post and they don’t get jealous either! I’m not sure I can deal with that today! 😆 😉

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And the Top Patterns of 2022 are…

Sweet Stripes Ornament Pattern will help you create Beautiful colorful crocheted Christmas Baubles to decorate your tree this holiday season! Crochet your own Christmas Decorations with the quick and easy crochet pattern! Christmas Ornament crochet tutorial shows you how to make a crochet ornament for your Christmas tree! Crochet Pattern by

10. Bijoux Butterfly Amigurumi Lovey Pattern!

Coming in at number 10 is the sweetest little Bijoux butterfly ami! I designed this one when my youngest was a baby, and it took me a while to finally finish the granny square wings, I had to get them just right and put this project in time out for a while… I’m so glad I did because I love the way she turned out and clearly y’all did too! Find the pattern here!

9. Amigurumi Flowers and Vase Pattern!

Coming in at number 9 is the Amigurumi Flowers and Vase Pattern! These gorgeous flowers make the perfect gift since they are everlasting! The optional chenille sticks in the stems make them stand up beautifully and they are fun for kids to play with and fun for grown ups to decorate their homes with too. Find the pattern here!

8. Snowflake Tapestry Square FREE Pattern!

Coming in at number 8 is the Snowflake Tapestry Square Free Pattern! I thought the Cozy Christmas Cushion CAL organized by Veronika of Blue Star Crochet was such an amazing project! This is a great collaboration between 9 designers, each making a square of this beautiful Christmas Cushion. This project is perfect for practicing your tapestry crochet skills and making a beautiful seasonal pillow to keep or gift. You can also use your tapestry square as a mini wall haning, mug rug, and more! Find the pattern here!

Silver Metal Streamline
Sweet Stripes Coasters - Crochet Pattern for Adorable Round Coasters - Perfect for drinks or as small plant rugs - Free Crochet Pattern from

7. Sweet Stripes Can and Bottle Cozy FREE Pattern!

Coming in at number 7 is the Sweet Stripes Can and Bottle Cozy Free Pattern! While I did have the men in your life in mind with this pattern, it’s perfect for anyone who you know drinks beverages… 😆 But seriously, we all know there are 10 times as many patterns for women and girls out there, so this one is perfect for treating your fave guy on Father’s Day, birthdays, or to make any day special. This pattern works up quickly and inclues directions for a 3 versions – Classic Can, Skinny Can, and Bottles too. Find the pattern here!

Sweet Stripes Plant Cozy and Hangers Crochet Pattern - Easy Crochet Pattern - Cute home decor - Crochet Plant Hanger - Boho Home Decor Planter Cozy - Crochet Home Decor Patterns from

6. Potion of Moonlight Ami Bottle and Dice Bag Pattern!

Coming in at number 6 is the Potion of Moonlight Pattern! This pattern comes with 2 bottles and a phial, plus moon and spider appliqués too! The Potion of Moonlight Bottle will help you create that perfect spooky apothecary look, but it also does double duty as a fun and fabulous dice storage bottle too. Because that’s how we roll around here… 🎲  yes with the puns! I get you, I love Spooky too! So this was always going to be on eof the top patterns of 2022. Find the pattern here!

top patterns of 2022

5. Odin the Owl FREE Pattern!

Coming in at number 5 on the top patterns of 2022, is the adorable Odin the Owl Amigurumi Pattern! Owls are one of my absolute fave animals, and I had such a blast designing this cutie! Since I love alliterative names, I had to name him after my younger son Odyn too! This is a relatively simple and quick amigurmi, and make an amazing gift for your fave little one, owl lover, or Harry Potter fan – just make him in their house colors or give him a house scarf! Find the pattern here!

4. Sweet Flora Afghan Square FREE Pattern!

Coming in at number 4 is the Sweet Flora Afghan Square Pattern. This beautiful blanket square, is one of 20 floral squares by different designers that make up the stunning Bouquet of Flowers Afghan CAL that was organized by my friend Helen of Sunflower Cottage Crochet. You can still buy the 20 Square Bundle HERE 👈 if you want to make the afghan! The Sweet Flora square would also make a lovely table decoration or wall hanging, and can be made in a single color or 3 colors to suit your preference. Find the pattern here!

Capricorn Streamline Zodiac
Sweet Stripes Gift Bags Crochet Pattern. Create your own Colorful Red and Green Gift Bags tied with ribbon. Give a gift in a pretty gift bag handmade by you with the Easy Crochet Pattern! Crochet Pattern designed by

3. Purple Turnip C2C Square FREE Pattern!

Coming in at number 3 is yet another blanket square – the Purple Turnip C2C Blanket Square Free Pattern. I LOVE that y’all LOVED these collaborative blanket crochet alongs so much! This delicious blanket square is one of 20 C2C garden themed squares that make up the collaborative Community Garden Blanket! If you want to make that blanket, you can buy the 20 Square Bundle HERE and get a beautiful blanket and a lot of C2C colorwork practice, all at once! Find the pattern here!

2. Summer Fun Tote Basket FREE Pattern!

Coming in at number 2 is the fabulous and useful Summer Fun Tote Free Pattern! Yet again, y’all made this Crochet along such a blast and I can’t wait to do that again this year!! These baskets are sturdy and versatile, with 3 sizes to make you’re sure to get just the right look and size for your needs. Whether you need a beach bag, project bag, handbag, or organizer basket, the Summer Fun Tote Basket is perfect for the job. Find this top patterns of 2022 here!

Gaia Pocket Shawl Crochet Pattern -

1. Sweet Stripes Hanging Baskets FREE Pattern!

Coming in at number 1 of top patterns of 2022! It’s the Sweet Stripes Hanging Baskets Pattern! I’m honestly not surprised, with the fabulous turnout we had for this spring crochet along! This quick and easy basket pattern is perfect for holding so many things! From plants (clearly my favorite use!) to toys to spare towels or toilet paper rolls to fresh veggies in the kitchen pantry! Make one of the 3 sizes and use a wooden ring or yarn to create the hanging loop. There are so many ways to customize these baskets and make them fit into your home decor! Find the pattern here!

So that’s the Top 10 Patterns from 2022, chosen not by me, but by YOU amazing hookers! Now I’m just about ready to grab my hook and get crocheting, and I hope you are too! Do y’all get super inspired to create by looking at these projects too?! Which of these top patterns of 2022 is your favorite? Which did you make in 2022? Which will you make next in 2023? Let me in comments!

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Crochet Foundry January 2023

 What about the Fan Favorites?

Of course we can’t forget about the Fan Faves, now can we? These classic and clearly well loved patterns deserve their moment in the sun, I mean on the hook too right? So let’s give love and attention to the 5 most visited pattern posts from 2022, from patterns that were not published in 2022, but were so beloved that they still managed steal the show… I mean get a ton of well deserved love from you fab hookers nonetheless. Without further ado:

5. FUN Freeze Pop Holders Free Pattern

Fan Fave Pattern number 5 is the FUN Freeze Pop Holders Free Pattern! Still hanging on though moving down a couple spaces, these cute finger savers continue to be popular. I think this may be one of the most fun patterns I have ever created and they are such huge hit with my kids, hence the name! Anyone else’s kid eat ice pops nearly constantly all summer long? Of course they grab a napkin or a crocheted dish cloth every. time. to hold them and then forget them outside because kids will be kids! So I had to step in and create a freeze pop holder pattern, of course and make it FUN toto. Which will you make first – a giraffe, dinosaur, unicorn, shark, mermaid, and clownfish freeze pop holder? Find the pattern here!

4. DC Dice Bag and Tray Free Pattern

Fan Fave Pattern number 4 is the DC Dice Bag and Tray. This quick and easy pattern moved down 2 spots from #2 last year, but still made the top 5! I’ve been blown away by how much love this simple pattern has gotten! Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, ykwim? I created this dice bag as a simple way to store our many dice games and for my oldest son’s D&D dice. Most importantly, I wanted a way that my wild kiddos could roll the dice without them flying off the table every. single. roll.  🙄  You know what I’m talking about! This pattern is not only quick and easybut it comes with 2 sizes because sometimes you need a larger rolling area, and sometimes you need to take up less real estate on the table! We use ours all the time and I am so thrilled that y’all love this one as much as we do! Find the pattern here!

DC Dice Bag - Free Crochet Pattern - Drawstring Bag - Easy Crochet Pattern - Dice bag - Beginner Crochet -

3. Tiny Dinosaur Amigurumi Free Pattern

Fan Fave Pattern number 3 is the Tiny Dino Amigurumi! He moved down a little, but still in the top 3 way to go Dino! What’s not to love? He’s a giant made in miniature, he’s adorable and fun to play with, and quick and easy to make! I’ve always loved dinos y’all, and I LOVE that checking out your Tiny Dino projects on Ravelry where y’all have made cute mods like adding spikes or wings to turn this cutie into one of my other fave creatures – a dragon! How great is a pattern that inspires people to get creative and really make it their own or even something new?? So please keep making Tiny Dinos and sharing them with us because they are all as amazing as all of you! Find the pattern here!

2. Gourd-geous Pumpkins FREE Pattern!

Fan Fave Pattern number 2 is the Gourd-geous Pumpkins Free Pattern! This cute gourd pattern moved up quite a bit from #5 last year. This is such a fun pattern to make, and of course chock full of options to customize your pumpkins! These are quick to make with the perfect amount of texture, so you can choose to cinch or not to cinch! There are 3 sizes to make, and these babies are worked in rows and seamed, so no pesky increases or decreases to keep track of! The pattern also includes some fun ideas and suggestions to embellish your pumpkins too, and of course try all the colors! Make them to decorate or as a hostess gift for Thanksgiving. Whatever you do, just enjoy! Find the pattern here!

Farmers Market Veggies - Amigurumi Pattern - Crochet Veggies Pattern - Amigurumi Vegetables - Crochet Pattern -
Cast Iron Handle Cover - Free Crochet Pattern - Pot Holder Pattern - Crochet Pattern - Cast Iron Cooking - Handmade Home -

1. Sweet Stripes Market Tote Free Pattern

Fan Fave Pattern number 1 is the Sweet Stripes Market Tote! For the first year on the Fan Faves, bumping right up to the number one spot! Not that it’s surprising. This super useful pattern uses my popular Sweet Stripes Stitch with a variation, and a fun mindless project with just enough variety to keep things interesting! The pattern includes 3 sizes, and 2 handles so you can create the right one to hold everything you need for your farmers market trip, grocery run or even your library haul! Plus it makes a fabulous project bag too, my favorite use for ANY bag of course! 😆 You can also play with colors and fibers to really customize your bag too. What will you use your bag to hold? Find the pattern here!

And there you have them my hookers! I truly hope you enjoyed reading about the Top 10 Patterns of 2022, chosen by your wonderful selves! Thank you for reading! I’d love to see which patterns you have made and which are your favorites! Tag your makes using #greenfoxfarms and #greenfoxfarmsdesigns so see all of your amazing creations! I LOVE sharing your makes on social media! Happy Hooking y’all! 💜

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